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Father and son, range day.

Had a great morning shooting with my boy, it's spring break no school today. So I got him up early and headed to the range. Kids are so busy nowadays, it's hard to find time for the range and best of all it was just me and him.
It was an all .22 day, Marlin 795 with a cheapo scope and bipod. My 20 pluse year old Ruger Mark II( darn thing is accurate as hell and a joy to shoot) and his Ruger SR22. Shot 450 rounds, mostly by him. Sorry forgot to take pics, we also spent some time doing his other shooting passion Archery. He like's recurve bows, it's fun but darn if it's not a lot of work. I'm good for about a half hour of it, then I'll sit and watch him.
In this day and age of mindless video games, I got a boy that would much reather spend time with his bow.
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Congratulations. What a wonderful day.
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That's a good looking young man, it sounds like you both had a great time.
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No better time could be had!!!!!!!!!
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Tank, looks like a real good day for both of you, so few parents take the time to do stuff with their kids, wish my sons were around to do stuff like that, they both live out of state.. enjoy them while they're still young. very cool
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I'm lucky both my sons live within 4 miles of my house. Weekends in the summer sound like a battle ground out back. Grandkids included. As Hickok45 says "Life is good!" I'm sure he'll be picking up dad some day to do some shooting. Time with your kids like that is priceless.

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Thanks all, I got lucky with him. He really is a hell of a young man. I get compliments on his manners and thoughtfulness often. Does well in school and does not put up with bullies. Earlier in the year a mid season transfer(disciplinary reasons) thought he would make a name for himself by challanging by boy, Im sure he was put up to it by others that knew better. He walked up to my boy and said your weak and started to punch him in the side. My son spun around got him in a choke hold and told him, "tap out or pass out your choice. The kid tapped and my son let go and pushed him down. The kid jumped up ran the other way and said " your still weak", my boy just said ". You know where to find me". But of corse that kid never came back for more. What he knows now that he didn't know then is my boy is a second degree brown belt in karate(currently in training for his black) and has been training for two years in Krav Maga. He looks thin but is cut and solid as a rock.
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Tank, that's so cool too be able to hang out with your son and do a little bonding....Makes me envious for sure.....
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Sounds like a great day! Great to hear he stands tall for what he believes.
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Not much better then spending quality time with your children. Enjoy it while you can. They grow up way to fast.

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