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  1. Heard a new one over the weekend
  2. Range Report
  3. I guess l am wierd...
  4. Range Report
  5. First time Kimber advice?
  6. Flat wire for my !0 mm!
  7. How often do you clean your?
  8. Kimber SIS Ultra Problems
  9. Crazy stories from your home town.
  10. Bushing 1911 vs Non Bushing.
  11. CCW on a M/C
  12. Kimber 1909 55mm M/96 Rifle
  13. America you are getting what you ask for.
  14. Police Officers do more than you think.
  15. Under size chamber on my Compact Stainless II
  16. Range Report
  17. this is giving me a tingle...
  18. Hearing Protection
  19. $500 NRA Lifetime Membership Special Expires 2-29!
  20. Balance of steel from verses aluminum frame.
  21. Micro vs Solo
  22. Range report: Ultra carry ii with crimson trace grips
  23. To those that have shot a steel frame Kimber...
  24. Rimfire Conversion Question?
  25. socom kind of a surprise!
  26. What did you do to your Kimber today?
  27. Range report Eclipse 10mm
  28. SIS Ultra Range Report
  29. Super Carry Pro vs Ultra Crimson Carry II
  30. What is the wait time at Kimber on an RMA?
  31. Dry fire
  32. Shot Show 2016 in general and Kimber
  33. Best place for Bobtail grip panels that has wide selection.
  34. Great day at the range.
  35. Desert Eagle Grips
  36. Let's Try Building The Perfect Kimber ... For You
  37. Lubricant for my new Kimber
  38. New micro Holsters
  39. Abreviations, Nemonics, What do they mean?
  40. I paid way too much for this...
  41. Check This Out My SIS!
  42. Kimber and 1911s in general...(rant)
  43. Really, what makes the CCP so expensive?
  44. FYI Info
  45. Public Service Announcement
  46. This is for My Police Officer Friends on here.
  47. Seeking Guidance
  48. Clean & Lube Per Kimber
  49. Thinking about an Ultra Eclipse for $900.00!
  50. Don't mess with our snowman.
  51. Night sights for Kimber
  52. Zoomy????????
  53. Kimber of Oregon opinions
  54. Should I buy another Kimber?
  55. Kimber Super Match II
  56. Any SIS Kimber Owners Here?
  57. Super Carry Custom First Impressions and Range Report
  58. Range Report!
  59. 2005 fnra eclipse ii
  60. Thank you Cucamonga Kid!
  61. Hope it works better than it smells!
  62. Does anyone have some magazine base pads leftover?
  63. I googled Kimber Onyx Pro
  64. Grips For Stainless?
  65. received a face lift!
  66. Now I hope The Lineman can sleep nights!
  67. Correction to Previous Range Report
  68. First Range Report
  69. Kimber Holiday Giveaway
  70. Kimber Micro carry advice/experience
  71. Thinking about Sig Sauer P238!
  72. Shooting questions???
  73. Good timing!
  74. Grandsons first day at the range.
  75. Video: Kimber Micro Carry .380 versus Sig P238 .380
  76. Lube question
  77. Kimber Pro Carry II in Black
  78. New 10mm mags welded construction?
  79. So I lied about....
  80. This little sapsucker is trying to get on my list.
  81. New and changes to Kimber line pistols for 2016
  82. Raptor range report
  83. Holster opinions.
  84. Feeding and magazine issue
  85. Show people how you wear your holsters and why.
  86. Raptor 9mm
  87. Micro 9 now in my area.
  88. Merry Christmas to my Kimber Family
  89. Merry Christmas
  90. 10mm Christmas present from Santa!
  91. Range Ready!!!
  92. Grips?
  93. Kimber model 84
  94. First range session Kimber Tactical Pro II
  95. This is what I call a silly picture.
  96. SIS Pistol Info
  97. Lasers?
  98. Didn't know what I would do.
  99. Holster for Polymer Kimber 3"
  100. Crimson Trace magazines
  101. If you EDC, what do you carry and why?
  102. Mag's for my new Raptor
  103. Super funny Video
  104. This is why I have t bought a Micro .380
  105. Range time today
  106. Remember Those Less Fortunate
  107. If you had a $1000, what kimber would you buy?
  108. Kimber Custom TLE/RL II FTE
  109. New toy
  110. Wilson Combat full length guide rod
  111. Very interesting holster wife just showed me.
  112. Everyone need to register
  113. Got my first Kimber!
  114. Optical sight on a Kimber
  115. New Kimber Raptor II
  116. Range Report!!
  117. adjustable rear sight?
  118. Drop in magwell?
  119. Magazine questions
  120. Kimber Site Sale Good & Bad
  121. Ion Bonding
  122. Looking for a Micro
  123. Thanksgiving day is almost here.
  124. Waiting to pick up my first one! :D
  125. Share your first gun story and your children.
  126. Craft time at Zoomys place
  127. What's on your next gun Wish List?
  128. This is pathetic.
  129. First one
  130. Who should or shouldn't carry a gun?
  131. Deadly shootings in Paris
  132. Another "what would you do"
  133. Declaration of independent
  134. Over eight weeks and still waiting
  135. My pair of Kimbers
  136. Outstanding Customer Service
  137. We need a get together...
  138. Liquid metal art 50% off Sale.
  139. Bobbed Ambi Safety
  140. Custom II value/purchase
  141. 9mm Wilson flat wire recoil kit...
  142. Anyone had Trigger freeze up while shooting 1911?
  143. Ammo for Tactical?
  144. Reloading for reliability (with the Solo in mind)
  145. Holster Care
  146. Solo/Eclipse
  147. Stupid ,ignorant,blind and brain dead!
  148. Cool letter from police officer.
  149. Cocked and locked then not locked
  150. Has anyone experienced owning a soft material platform with kydex shell holster?
  151. Hypothetical self defense situations, what would you do.
  152. Lots of Stolen guns found in South Carolina.
  153. Moisture in your gun safe.
  154. My first kimber, my first range report
  155. 9MM magazine identification...
  156. New Solo DC Failure to Load
  157. Kimpro 7 Round Mag Deal (Ultra Size)
  158. First gen Kimber
  159. Gun Control at its worst and its Best!
  160. RCP Ultra Range Report
  161. Gold Combat Range Report
  162. Thinking About A New Gun
  163. Finally got to pick it up..........
  164. New flag from liquid metal art.
  165. WWB nato 9mm= +P
  166. Gun control and the Internet Exception???
  167. My first kimber will be here tomorrow
  168. Kimber " Custom Shop"
  169. I like Georgia more and more!
  170. My Grips arrived today!
  171. New Member to the family
  172. 10-2 carry...holster options..
  173. Must have 1911 accessories
  174. Proud of my wife...
  175. This is just not right
  176. Common sense gun control may not be possible
  177. Eclipse Target II on it's way
  178. date of manufacture from serial number?
  179. Micro slide lock spring
  180. Mag issue?
  181. Raptor II Range Report!!!
  182. Magzine?
  183. Range report 22 conversion and 9mm tle and pro sapphire
  184. Grip change?
  185. What isyour favorite Range?
  186. I really do like the Onyx...
  187. New Raptor Kind of a Drag!
  188. Kirinite grips- these look pretty cool
  189. ??
  190. Wilson flat wire kit for 4" 9MM
  191. Tonight
  192. Playing with my gopro
  193. Kimber Ultra Crimson laser issue!
  194. Raptor grips
  195. Ammo report
  196. Older Hands
  197. Question asked about Kimbers on Sig Talk
  198. I could not decide on what to take to the Range.
  199. Would you clean your Kimber with...
  200. Comments on Hoppe's Elite gun cleaner?
  201. More 22 conversion info.
  202. .22 conversion kit
  203. Again !
  204. Micro Bel Air
  205. Looking for parts for a project.
  206. Visit to a gun store today
  207. Ultra models, do they work???
  208. Green Raptor range report
  209. Firearms Owned Database
  210. Heres to New Friends.
  211. My Kimber Quartet
  212. Headed to the range
  213. Feed problems with Self Defense ammo
  214. Just letting her cool down a bit.
  215. Picked up my Micro Raptor today.
  216. Removal Of Aluminum Black From SS
  217. Just noticed this in my Kimber Manual
  218. Just passing along info (Magwell Grip selection)
  219. Kimber Customer Service
  220. Estimated time of arrival!
  221. 1st Super Carry Pro Range Report
  222. Anybody use Smith and Alexander one oiece mainspring magwell
  223. Gun Trivia See how smart you guys are.
  224. Found something in my mailbox today!
  225. Got my Super Carry Pro today.
  226. Shooters Choice or other Lube what is your preference?
  227. What brand of recoil spring are you using?
  228. I finally fondled a Micro.
  229. Kimber turnaround time
  230. CA Gun Roster
  231. service-members-with-permits-can-carry-handguns-at
  232. okok, i will admit it.
  233. Tactical Pro ll range report and photos
  234. Crazy pet pictures.
  235. Kimber Pro ll assembly question...
  236. Got the kids cleaned up for family photo
  237. Newest layaway
  238. Micro .380 Hammer Question
  239. Range report
  240. Great time at Range with Ultra CDP II
  241. 2 Kimbers in the house
  242. Why Silencers?
  243. Magwell, which one?
  244. New member new Kimber
  245. If Kimber made a revolver...
  246. Newbie Member with a new Eclipse II pistol
  247. SIS Pro
  248. Col
  249. I Must Ask This Question
  250. Micro could be moving...