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  1. Our president seems happy...
  2. Aides: Obama Has ‘Given Up on Significant’ Gun Control
  3. Cocktail hour on the east coast.
  4. I Am Sorry To Report That Jeff's Mother Has Passed Away
  5. The NY Times Editorial
  6. Bourbon Time Boys
  7. I Think I Know What I'm Getting For Christmas
  8. Senate Dems to force votes on gun control
  9. Well here they go!
  10. Ohio Recognizes All CCW
  11. Gun Sales
  12. Just wondering about a homicide
  13. A truly great book
  14. Venison Pizza today
  15. Bold Turkeys
  16. Border Battle day!
  17. CMP will sell 1911s to the public
  18. Obama's Day planner 11/29/15
  19. I've Got Your Back!
  20. Morning beverage time
  21. Adulty beverage time
  22. Patrick Caddell Calls Obama A Liar On Terrorism and The Refugee Crisis
  23. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
  24. Here We Go Again!!!
  25. Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video
  26. polishing your firearms
  27. Terror alert
  28. A shocking and humbling surprise....
  29. Bourbon Time Boys
  30. How to Spot REAL Classified Information
  31. Do You Still Think The Israelis Are Our Friends?
  32. Counterterrorism Expert: 'Don't Wait for Uncle Sam to Protect You'
  33. Donald trump says concealed carry permit holders ‘have an obligation to carry’
  34. Busted!!!
  35. Paris Attack
  36. Texas Style
  37. Has the Paris attack changed your carry practice
  38. Isis, isil, daesh
  39. I thought this was a good one......
  40. five Guantanamo detainees transferred to United Arab Emirates
  41. Microsoft Does it Again
  42. Had a first today.
  43. A dance of death in the west!
  44. Do States With Concealed Carry Have More Gun Crime?
  45. Donald Trump on Paris massacre
  46. Do We Need A Cooking Sub Forum?
  47. Chocolate chip cookies
  48. The Dying Breed of Real Men...
  49. Good eveining, ladies and germs
  50. Chinese BBQ Pork
  51. Here is my response to the Paris attacks.
  52. Road trip
  53. Here is What Happens When the People Are Disarmed
  54. Good News
  55. Got my 3Speed holster today.
  56. venison, bacon, sweet corn mushroom pizza
  57. When did we lose our way?
  58. Bison Airlighter
  59. Thank You Vetrans
  60. Rain Stopped! Goin' Hunting!!
  61. Luck of the Irish ??
  62. Only seven weekends until Christmas.
  63. Time for a dram.
  64. A great gift from a great friend..
  65. Broadcasitify
  66. Really...
  67. Smith & Wesson Model 60 357/38
  68. I saw 2 Bull Elk this morning
  69. Never had a problem watching videos here before...
  70. Makes me laugh every halloween
  71. 2015 Elderberry Wine Success :)
  72. Uh Oh, Buckeyes. JT Barrett suspended.
  73. Daylight Savings Time Ends
  74. I pulled my Kimber tonight!
  75. Electronic safe lock users....warning!
  76. The Ruger Match Champion
  77. have to wait
  78. Bourbon?
  79. Hey Folks
  80. Friends of NRA- you will like this
  81. Another One Bites the Dust
  82. For What It's Worth
  83. NRA, Enforce the Current Laws
  84. Useful when discussing?
  85. I just don't get the 4 layers of denim thing...
  86. Celery, peanut butter and
  87. Three New Guns Range Report
  88. Opening Day Buck
  89. Fox Hat
  90. We Change Everything 10/27/15
  91. Bourbon Time Boys
  92. 2nd Amendment
  93. Beware the Butterfly Effect
  94. New rechargeable flashlight.
  95. Michigan State!
  96. A Hero's Story
  97. Does the forum look different to anyone
  98. Premium Apple Wine
  99. GCO Pistol of the Year
  100. Always waiting, now on a new Field Jacket
  101. Home Automation
  102. Sometimes the Federal Government Helps
  103. Joes1911magazines
  104. The Donald Carries!!!
  105. Sourdough Bread hits new highs
  106. 9/11 Response
  107. Permission To Engage!!
  108. Hangin' at the White House
  109. Going on vacation tomorrow
  110. Mag wrap...
  111. Headed to see Mickey...
  112. Friday Night Beverage Time
  113. What a Republican Wants to do for Us
  114. Gun sales hit a record high for the fifth month in a row
  115. Another Outrage
  116. Father of Oregon shooting victim says he won’t be meeting Obama
  117. Really Pathetic!!!
  118. Gun Control Push Coming In Senate
  119. Silver Sneakers Program
  120. AAR, (Armed American Radio)
  121. gun control..if there's a gun I want contol
  122. This is Dangerous!!!
  123. Happy Birthday Adamant
  124. Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says 'fellow Christians' should arm themselves
  125. Bar is open, ladies and gentlemen.
  126. Ransom Rest
  127. Mississippi Derringer 38 special
  128. Shooter and Victims
  129. No bourbon tonight?!
  130. My thoughts on Gun Control
  131. Happy Birthday jerryk
  132. Self cutting one's own hair
  133. Bringing Down the House
  134. Supermoon to Coincide With Lunar Eclipse in Rare Celestial Event Sunday Night
  135. Rock Island M1911 CS Tactical 9mm
  136. Cocktail hour
  137. First King of Flashlights
  138. Remembering Yogi Berra
  139. Discrimination against Concealed Weapon License holder
  140. No range report...
  141. Happy Autumn!
  142. Finally!!
  143. Well, it's not Friday, but....
  144. The Rhubarb Wine
  145. Our Friends dinner is history
  146. I've been busy this week
  147. Happy Birthday protector 6062
  148. Rogue Guns! Anti-Gun PSA
  149. 09/11/01
  150. Most discrete concealed carry method EVER!
  151. What's the price of gas in your neck of the woods ??
  152. Football trash-talk thread
  153. Great weekend
  154. Don't like the referee's call?
  155. Happy Birthday David_Seipel
  156. Bourbon alert?
  157. 26 minutes until kickoff
  158. Socialism won't fix it ....
  159. Pictures of your vehicle with Support Your Police Stickers
  160. Would you risk your life for $30,000/year?
  161. Certified Instructor for MSF and HD
  162. Happy Birthday gaxtreme
  163. Wise Purchase!!
  164. Support your police.
  165. Illegal is Illegal -- Sometimes
  166. We Need Hammer Control!!!
  167. Short Video Donald Trump on guns.
  168. Time For A New Avatar!!!
  169. Race War
  170. Happy Birthday azranger
  171. Reporter and Cameraman Shot On Air!
  172. Erika, the storm
  173. Charlie Daniel on U.S. Congress
  174. For You Longmire Fans
  175. Does This Mean The Rioters, Looters, and Arsonists Go Free?
  176. Shooting Steel Targets
  177. Good evening, boys
  178. Just got my Colt then got the Pox!!
  179. Tacoma Bumper Project
  180. The Paradox Of Violence
  181. Attention On Deck The Bar Is Open!
  182. True Confessions
  183. Kim Kartrashian On Gun Control
  184. We Knew This Was Going to Happen
  185. Heads UP On What Minnesota Recognizes For Carry Permits
  186. The Ruger Bisley Vaquero 357
  187. On The Grill
  188. Where do they stand on the 2nd Amendment?
  189. Mostly For Grandparents
  190. Mostly For Grandparents
  191. We stopped at a pawnshop on the wy home today
  192. Let me introduce
  193. Beef Jerky
  194. Bar. Open.
  195. There is a big difference...
  196. Today is International Beer Day
  197. It Never Seems to End
  198. Surprise!
  199. Hillary Clinton is a disaster and a danger
  200. Another Innocent Black shot by a White Officer
  201. Antique show
  202. Bar time
  203. Good Samaritans
  204. Are Illinois/Wisconsin gun laws bewildering, or is it just my perception?
  205. Happy Birthday bhunted
  206. A free still
  207. Foiled Robbery Video
  208. Thought I'd make my own thread for 911 Truth
  209. Sourdough Bread and Life is Good!!!
  210. I joined Ann Coulter's forum.
  211. Selective enforcement of the First Amendment
  212. I love happy endings.
  213. I projected reading the headline.
  214. Christie and Guns
  215. Bar. Open
  216. Happy Birthday Bisquitlips
  217. Theater Copycat Shooting!!
  218. Happy Birthday CLS33398
  219. A pirate pistol
  220. White House says it is drafting plan to close Guantanamo
  221. Another One Bites the Dust
  222. ...I think I finally understand bikers...
  223. The Next Big Thing!!
  224. Fun at 1000 yards
  225. Do We Imagine that Liberals Will Learn Anything?
  226. Bourbon, baby, bourbon
  227. My newest Ruger has arrived..
  228. Evil Coveting
  229. Terrorist Attack in Chattanooga
  230. When a police officer is targeted...
  231. Here Comes More!!
  232. Iran Nuclear Agreement
  233. Sundown at Coffin Rock
  234. Illinois: Dangerous, even on the golf course
  235. Why one cop carries 145 rounds of ammo on the job
  236. A cool new light- Nebo Seven-Z
  237. It is Friday ain't it?
  238. Happy Birthday john45
  239. I Thought ‘Gay’ Was the ‘New Black’: Black Judge Refuses to Marry Same-Sex Couple
  240. Dad Always Said....
  241. American Suicide Bombers Attack Taliban Office In Qatar
  242. Homemade Wine
  243. Whats your most cherished firearm and or knife.
  244. It's Not NASCAR But . . .
  245. Don't mess with the old dude.
  246. Shootings in Chicago -- Again!!
  247. Happy Birthday Warcloud72
  248. See the Soviet Space Shuttle
  249. This one sounds too good to be true.
  250. Happy 4th everyone!!