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  1. NASCAR Race T-Shirt Promotion
  2. Gun Myths
  3. Mags? What's In Your Kimber?
  4. 9mm vs .45 vs Rifle A Dr's View of Gunshot Wounds
  5. Hearing Protection ? What's Your Favorite?
  6. Chatting Thread II - About Nothing In Particular
  7. It appears Heath Ledger was right...
  8. Dumb people
  9. Why I don't fear jihadists.
  10. Bourbon?
  11. Mr Spock, Leonard Nimoy has passed away
  12. Non-sworn citizens and terrorists.
  13. It's Friday Somewhere
  14. Spring Is Around The Corner
  15. New car didn't arrive, and there's a gun show this weekend. . .
  16. Getting Older!
  17. Home invasion plan
  18. Today is my 30th Anniversary.
  19. Now it Has Spread to Minnesota
  20. Friday Bad Weather Blues...Cheers
  21. omg
  22. Interview With A Chicago PD Veteran Of 14 Gunfights
  23. For the grip addicts
  24. What made you begin to carry??
  25. Cigars
  26. The "sign" of the times...
  27. Dennis Miller The Big Speech - As true today as it was back then
  28. GUN REVIEWS- Who do you trust?
  29. What states honor your conceal carry permit
  30. Need topic help please?
  31. Bourbon time!
  32. Need mags?
  33. Tomorrow at this time....
  34. Valentine's Day
  35. Happy Birhday REDSFIREARMS
  36. New guy......
  37. Eric Holder: Inability to Pass Gun Control My ‘Single Failure’
  38. What SD round do you carry...
  39. If you had the time and money .....
  40. Help A Brother Out
  41. Smoked Peanuts In The Shell
  42. What do you consider good shooting (for yourself)
  43. Sweden Invents a Revolutionary Anti Bullet Wall, Saab Barracuda Soft Armour
  44. The Ad The NFL Did Not Want You To See:
  45. 6 more weeks of winter expected
  46. Look at what I got today
  47. Mega Rafflepalooza 2015
  48. First look kimber 2015
  49. Bourbon Time
  50. Smart Bullet
  51. Suge Knight Charged With Murder
  52. Super Bowl XLIX
  53. One Hostage Killed by Police Bullets
  54. No headscarf on Michelle.
  55. Oh, Hell Yeah!!
  56. I cannot abide Al Jazeera
  57. Here We Go Again
  58. Massive East Coast Snowstorm
  59. Before you vote (NRA Election)
  60. Slide Stop or Slingshot
  61. Is it the firearms or the people?
  62. It's Friday and it's 5:00 somewhere
  63. I watch too many videos ... how about you?
  64. The WRONG Gun Can Be Worse Than NO Gun
  65. To All The Kids Who Survived The 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's!
  66. Cheating Thread.....About The Patriots...
  67. AK-47s to be Made in the USA
  68. Is This Guy Toast?
  69. Liam Neeson's gun control rant sparks calls for movie boycott
  70. Idea for new Kimber product.
  71. Amazing Story!
  72. Lone Survivor of Pearl Harbor
  73. Red vs Green Lasers
  74. What Do You Think About This?
  75. Magazine covers predict the future.
  76. Kimbers in Fiction
  77. Bourbon!
  78. Judge Jeanine on Radical Muslim Terrorists
  79. Ex-fbi agent's epic open letter to eric holder stuns administration
  80. A Politician is a Politician
  81. Constitutional carry proposed in Indiana
  82. Firearm Safety
  83. Statins
  84. If I Had A Son.....
  85. Game Day
  86. The Horror
  87. RE: Paris Terror Shootings Response
  88. Zimmerman Arrested Again
  89. Fly Fishing
  90. Went Window Shopping Today
  91. Business owner killed, three suspects injured during robbery-gone-bad at Shawnee gun
  92. Bourbon anyone?
  93. Local Gun Shops
  94. Late Christmas!!
  95. Happy birthday!! Snowtao!!!
  96. Kimber 2015 new products
  97. I wish we would see more of this
  98. Another Unarmed Country Attacked by Terrorists
  99. Frontline show on the NRA tonight on PBS
  100. Two More Cops Shot in New York
  101. Almost bought it
  102. Name Change For The Washington Redskins
  103. How Could The Police Know?
  104. The Combat Auto by Bill Wilson
  105. Time for a beverage
  106. It's Friday....... The Bar Is Open!
  107. Fegelein/Mike420
  108. Happy Birthday mclarryjr & duck diggler
  109. Beer in my glass, football on TV
  110. Petition to remove Boehner and replace with Gowdy
  111. Happy Birthday 17 members
  112. Bourbon time, ladies and gentlemen- Happy New Year
  113. My 15th Anniversary
  114. Happy Birthday okilikeguns
  115. Happy Birthday Chicikadee
  116. Gun Range Etiquette
  117. What Did You Get For Christmas?
  118. First Time Indoors
  119. Trying a new bourbon tonight
  120. Merry Christmas
  121. Here We Go Again!!!
  122. Another idiot
  123. A Soldiers Silent Night, Told By Father Berndt
  124. 1911 - Should I get one, or something else?
  125. Now they want our songs.
  126. Merry Christmas
  127. Props to Bud's Gun Shop
  128. New Years Wish List
  129. Fear and the shooting of two NYPD Officers.
  130. Friday Night Drinks .... Cheers, y'all
  131. Rough few weeks
  132. People like bikers, it's our boyish charm.
  133. Madison bus decision--good news, bad news.
  134. Open carry and junk holsters.....ugh
  135. Happy Birthday canthit
  136. Happy Birthday cndrdk
  137. Australian Hostage Crisis
  138. Close call on GB
  139. Bourbon Time
  140. The Bar Is Open
  141. Duh!
  142. What's going to solve our racial divide?
  143. Ferguson Grand Jury Transcript
  144. Dec. 7, 1941 "A date which will live in infamy"
  145. Bourbon, anyone?
  146. Remington 700 rifles recalled too
  147. The Bar is open.....
  148. Madison liberals--you can't make this up!
  149. Cat people, liberals and the government.
  150. RECALL Remington Pump Shotgun!!
  151. Changing gyms.
  152. Holster makers
  153. Scotch and Cosmoline
  154. Three Background Checks Per Second
  155. Christmas Ideas
  156. Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals
  157. Grandma's Thanksgiving Invitation
  158. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  159. Brown Family Hired Phoney Pathologist
  160. Businesses to receive $3000 incentive to hire illegals
  161. I just finished the prep work for tomorrows dinner and..bourbon!
  162. Happy Birthday gwbiker
  163. Social Security thoughts
  164. Happy Birthday sbubrick
  165. Thanksgiving Turkey
  166. Why Carry a Gun?
  167. Hooch Time
  168. Happy Birthday wewaslim
  169. Well hells bells...The bar is open...
  170. My "Ode to Chicago" (with Pics)...
  171. I just didn't want to carry more weight.
  172. Tool or Engineering Marvel blended with Work of Art
  173. Red Fox Sports Grip Strengthener Range Report
  174. How often do you fondle your .....
  175. Happy Birthday Bryantp
  176. Almost time...
  177. Scotch Time
  178. Pimento cheese for lunch- yum!
  179. Seeking Avise on how to handle a situation...
  180. Time for a drink
  181. Catastrophic casing failure
  182. Secret Santa?
  183. The Bar is open.....
  184. My New Firearm Storage Solution
  185. needed to post this....
  186. Chicago Taxpayers Again Forced to Reimburse NRA for Legal Fees
  187. What A Brawl!!!
  188. Bergeron's restaurant: Home of God, gumbo and guns
  189. Long Gun Wall Safe
  190. So I was wondering what it would be like to own 1000 guns
  191. What's Your Take on the FLGR ?
  192. WI School Cancels Vet’s Day Ceremony.
  193. Happy 239th Birthday United States Marine Corp.
  194. I ordered a trigger pull gauge last night
  195. Cold and Damp- time for scotch
  196. Gun show today
  197. Saturday, and the pub is open
  198. Registration?
  199. It's Friday....... The Bar Is Open!
  200. Maybe I'll go shooting Saturday
  201. I need to post more
  202. Browns vs Bengals
  203. Pass The Salt Please....
  204. Daylight Savings Time
  205. Tough week for the families at my workplace
  206. Bourbon Time
  207. I got laid off on a thursday and guess what did I decide to do that saturday?
  208. Sight issue
  209. Jose Canseco accidentally shoots his left hand
  210. Wow! Seems some are finally speaking out.
  211. Happy Birthday gunengraver
  212. Cocktail hour
  213. The Bar Is Open
  214. The first air force one
  215. No Guns / No Money
  216. Here we go again
  217. Our Friends of NRA dinner was last night.
  218. Chicago Police Testing For Explosives
  219. Calibration error changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county
  220. Mo. State Senator Arrested Monday night
  221. Not a good day
  222. John Oliver: Civil Forfeiture
  223. Almost done!
  224. Happy Birthday NormInOakley
  225. Intruder Breaks Into Home; Shot By Entire Family
  226. Maybe Now You Will Close the Border Mr. President
  227. Its Saturday...Cheers!
  228. Brew is in the glass
  229. Magazine cleaning
  230. NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Today
  231. The Bar Is Open
  232. The wheels came off!
  233. I need a favor
  234. Happy Birthday Peddler
  235. It's been a year here.
  236. Discrete firearm storage
  237. School shooting here today
  238. Woodworking project
  239. 2014 Ozark Arkansas Overland/Expedition
  240. Yay!! The weekend is here.
  241. Midnight Laugh!!!
  242. Monday Night Football
  243. LGS in Indy Robbed
  244. Hello Boyz and Girlz..
  245. Shhhhhh......
  246. Todays range trip
  247. For Those of You Who are Bored and Want to Follow a Kimber Thread on Another Forum
  248. A Tale Of 2 Doctors
  249. The 200th Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner
  250. Bourbon Time