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  1. 2 or 4 post lift and other related questions!
  2. Question for Chuck maybe?
  3. Bar's open
  4. Happy Birthday shupe13
  5. Happy Birthday swca
  6. Highlander - "There can be only one"
  7. Kentucky Derby
  8. Great documentary on gun ownership
  9. 40 Round Pmags?
  10. Do Millinials Wear Ear Muffs???
  11. Happy National Beer Day
  12. The Friday night bar is open
  13. Range day
  14. I'm the majority!
  15. Why?
  16. What Was Your First And Last Concert
  17. Whoops Fire At LGS/Range
  18. Millennials Are Worthless!!
  19. Village Bans Semi-Automatic Weapons, Residents Must Remove From Home Or Face Fines
  20. Saf says ‘gun control hysteria’ is reason march nics checks spiked
  21. Mexican Word of the Day
  22. Florida bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...
  23. Condom snorting
  24. Joe Bob Outfitters
  25. CELEBRATE! Celebrate! Dance to the music!
  26. New LGS
  27. Well.... Happy Easter and April Fools Day
  28. Opening the Good Friday Bar
  29. Arguing for a border wall...
  30. Momma's Kitchen/Dining Room Remodel
  31. David Hogg's Next Crusade: Opposing Voter Identification Laws
  32. Let me throw the fox into the chicken coop...
  33. Since today was protest day...
  34. Gov. of Kentucky on School Safety Issue
  35. PA classrooms get a bucket of rocks
  36. Food...pork belly
  37. Bar's open
  38. First for California: Undocumented Immigrant Appointed to Gov't Post
  39. Have a CITI credit card?
  40. Sicario...WTH is Del Torro doing?
  41. OMG!!!! He's Got Another Gun!!!
  42. Think about this
  43. You Tube banning gun videos????
  44. New Shooting Range in GA.
  45. Another school shooting, Maryland
  46. Shock Video: Democrat Congressman Suggests Taking Up Arms To Resist POTUS Trump
  47. Happy Birthday GiGi & Hoffbrew
  48. Bought a boat...
  49. The Bar Is Open for St Patricks Day!
  50. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
  51. The Pub Is Now Open
  52. LFSC Range Near Pittsburgh, PA?
  53. Gun Show this Weekend!
  54. Seen this guy a few weeks ago: Awsome!
  55. buying on line
  56. The system is broken
  57. Hide and Seek or....
  58. Happy Birthday Lineman
  59. Gun Show tomorrow
  60. ...what's Putin shootin?
  61. Daylight Saving Time
  62. Range Bag
  63. Yountville California active shooter/hostages
  64. Friday Night Bar
  65. Home defense...17 9mm or 10 .45?
  66. Happy Birthday JC45
  67. Parkland Florida Shooter Didn't Use High Capacity Magazines
  68. Spring is in the air!
  69. He nails it
  70. Nightstand Hearing Protection
  71. Elton John, seriously...
  72. Bar's open
  73. Thanks KT for the company and distractions.
  74. Newsmax TV
  75. "The Cause Of Violence In Our Society"
  76. San Francisco shoot-out last night!
  77. Stronger gun laws not the answer
  78. Happy Birthday 2Alpha
  79. The Donald
  80. Public Service Announcement
  81. Oprah: If god says run, i'll run!
  82. Inside The Army's Spectacular Hidden Treasure Room
  83. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  84. Don't lose sight of what's going on in your backyard
  85. I am now famous--for having my eyes closed.
  86. Here's the Text of the Assault Weapons Bill of 2018
  87. School shootings way down since the 90's
  88. Georgia on my Mind
  89. HEADLINE: Parkland student.. has more followers than NRA... [on] Twitter
  90. Chris Kennedy backs Danny Davis bill to hike federal taxes on guns, bullets
  91. Judicial Watch Lead Investigator Chris Farrell Points Finger at Obama-DOJ Informant
  92. Retired Cops do this...Hero911
  93. NRA Boycott
  94. TV
  95. LEOs, SROs, School security...my rant. I've had enough
  96. Do You Support A Strengthened NICS System
  97. Supreme Court Ruling: Police Have No Duty to Protect the General Public
  98. My US Rep just called for an Assault Weapons Ban
  99. Opening the bar
  100. "In God We Trust"...Proud of Florida today!
  101. Boycott Enterprise/Alamo/National Car Rental
  102. Now is the time to get involved in Friends of NRA
  103. NRA-branded Visa card dropped by First National Bank of Omaha
  104. NRA's Wayne LaPierre Speaks at CPAC
  105. NRA's Dana Loesch
  106. AR 15 Discussion
  107. 2/19-2/21 Dunedin Causeway
  108. Florida law makers Reject AR15 Ban
  109. Image of gun owners
  110. What's In Your Range Bag
  111. Let's be HONEST !!!
  112. Today is the running of the Daytona 500
  113. Gut feeling after recent Florida shooting
  114. The Bar Is Open
  115. Off to go look at cars
  116. Opening the bar
  117. "18" school shootings this year
  118. Educators from 12 states take 3-day firearms course
  119. St. Valentine's Day: The REAL Story
  120. Another school shooting. In Parkland Florida.
  121. What's Your Story?
  122. St. Valentine beheaded
  123. Happy Birthday wfm
  124. Maybe a Good Community Organizer Could Fix It
  125. Fat Tuesday
  126. No "kneelers" at the Olympics
  127. I can't put sleazy Apps47inc on ignore
  128. Happy Birthday Spikedog
  129. The face behind the name?
  130. Happy Birthday REDSFIREARMS
  131. Let's have some fun.... solve the mystery.
  132. The Bar Is Open
  133. Ring
  134. Recognizing concealed carry permits across state lines
  135. AR for Home Defense?
  136. One heck of a ride
  137. Did the KT bar get condemned?
  138. Is U.S. LawShield good coverage?
  139. Shimano USA
  140. Military Parade Fourth of July
  141. spring is in the air!
  142. Ok enough....[emoji35]
  143. Edit post
  144. My New Hero!!!
  145. apps47inc
  146. Super Bowl LII
  147. Bar's open for all my rowdy friends
  148. The Original U.S. Mardi Gras
  149. Latest bid to collect judgment from OJ Simpson turned down
  150. Happy Birthday Dude22
  151. Wow. Just got pointed to this guy!
  152. Opening the bar
  153. What will be the first thing you do when you look up in the sky and see
  154. First canned beer goes on sale 1/24/1935
  155. Watching animals learn
  156. Gun show in Raleigh tomorrow
  157. Suddenly, It Became Interesting!!!
  158. Your First Toy Gun
  159. I just ordered this cool guitar
  160. The Kimber Talk Public House is Open
  161. Memo shows laws were broken at DOJ & FBI
  162. The Late Night Call........
  163. Dems Mad That Government Report On Gun Sales Didn’t Confirm Their Talking Points
  164. 1-16-19 Prohibition takes effect
  165. Boys given 5 years probation for sex assault of girl broadcast live on Facebook
  166. Illinois AG candidate
  167. Bars Open
  168. Happy Birthday rbarton42
  169. Happy Birthday or Not
  170. Happy Birthday PaulWVa
  171. What Guns Do You Regret Letting Go??
  172. Sorry, it just has to be said
  173. The Winchester House movie
  174. Better Late Than Never----This Is Outrageous!!!
  175. Mystery Part
  176. KT'S Pub Is Now Open
  177. Funny Ads, Promotions, Product Descriptions and Signs
  178. What It Takes To Make A Gun
  179. Fire Contained At Bill, Hillary Clinton's Chappaqua Compound
  180. 2018 Want And Desire List
  181. Heck of a bright Moon last night....
  182. Your EDC And A Friends Home
  183. Happy Birthday
  184. The Kimber Talk Public House is Open
  185. What's The Most Expensive EDC You Will Carry
  186. New Years Eve Driving
  187. Happy Birthday Chickadee and okilikeguns
  188. New years resolutions
  189. Call To Kimber Customer Service
  190. Happy Birthday byern and Dublinyankee
  191. Pretty Good Day Today
  192. You Might Be A Redneck IF
  193. The Bar Is Offically Open
  194. Freezing your ejector off?
  195. Why You Need To Shoot With Your Non-Dominant Hand
  196. I did the unthinkable.
  197. In case I'm out of action, this is for ya'll
  198. MyHeritage DNA is a joke
  199. No Phone Wait Time
  200. 1914 The Christmas Truce
  201. Beverages at home tonight
  202. Ho ho ho
  203. NASCAR Legend Richard Childress Opens Fire on Home Invaders, Praises 2nd Amendment
  204. Bar's open in 8 minutes
  205. Sell and Buy
  206. WoooHooo ....New Car tomarrow!!
  207. What To Do If You Get ‘Flagged’ By Another Gun Owner
  208. Black Rifle Coffee Co. having fun with guns & carols
  209. May The Force Be With You
  210. 5:08 Is The Bar Open????
  211. The Bar Is Open
  212. How an 'ugly,' unwanted weapon became the most popular rifle in America
  213. Happy Birthday rrwhite191
  214. Godless, a great Netflix mini series
  215. Happy Birthday chas1723
  216. Well....
  217. In honor of the season
  218. Gun Law debate (Part 1) History/Constitution/Purpose of a Firearm
  219. My little girl is back home.
  220. Gun Law debate (intro)
  221. Dec 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor bombed
  222. House passes bill allowing concealed carry across state lines
  223. Getting laid off
  224. My wife and me
  225. Another hit on those in California
  226. Oklahoma Weather
  227. Have to leave forum
  228. Mail Call...
  229. First Christmas Card
  230. The KT Public House is Open
  231. Bullet proof
  232. The Ole Stick Shift
  233. KT'S PUB is OPEN
  234. Glock "yuck-i-ness"
  235. My letter to Santa
  236. Good morning folks
  237. Jim Nabors has died
  238. Guns and Watches
  239. Good morning everyone
  240. Back among the living!
  241. Tribute to "Mans Best Friend"
  242. Opinion Needed
  243. Help on the Sightron SIII 8-32x56 MOA-2 Reticle 30mm Tube Riflescope
  244. College rankings will go crazy again
  245. Great charity partnership for US Military currently serving
  246. A Muse.......or two.
  247. Marshall and Capt Skyy
  248. Happy Birthday The_Rapscallion
  249. Rough Day At Our House
  250. Bar's open - day after thanksgiving edition