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  1. Kids, the gift that never stops taking.
  2. ...not built like they used to be...
  3. Father's Day
  4. You Fought For Me!!
  5. Lets Have Some fun, Try This Test
  6. Happy Birthday Cybercycle
  7. Memorial Day
  8. Memorial Day Weekend
  9. The Kimber Talk Bar Is Now Open.
  10. Attempted Mugging...Made My Son Mad!
  11. Ultrasonic gun cleaners
  12. "The Donald"
  13. The FUTURE is approaching faster than one can handle…
  14. Happy Birthday Chuck
  15. Somehow...
  16. Gilligan Poll For The Ladies!!
  17. Beer-thirty
  18. Blast From The Past
  19. Vintage Bass Boat
  20. Switchblades in Illinois
  21. Kabanosy Slim Jims
  22. Second City Cop
  23. Gilligan's Island Poll
  24. Happy Birthday BookemDano
  25. Softening the Deer Hide
  26. Happy Mothers Day
  27. Why it's called lake Superior
  28. A Noticeable Military Change!!
  29. Bourbon Time......... the bar is open
  30. Captain Skyy buys an Eclipse.
  31. Idiot Scratch No More
  32. Real Estate Values (Bubble 2.0)?
  33. Military continues to spiral in - considers waiving basic training for some
  34. Anyone use Liberty Healthshare?
  35. Kimber or Glock??
  36. Little shop idea...
  37. Fabio’s Advice to Americans: ‘Don’t Ever Give up Your Guns’
  38. Bourbon? Bourbon. Bourbon!
  39. Ole'!!! (Actually Ole is from Sweden!!)
  40. Georgia Campus Carry Is Law!!
  41. New Trigger for AR!!
  42. Coughing, convulsing and calls for probe after Arkansas execution
  43. NRA Convention
  44. My Favorite Mark Twain Quote
  45. Bourbon Time......... the bar is open
  46. Battling ISIS Terrorism!!!
  47. Proud Grandpa
  48. Mother's Day Present
  49. Happy Birthday Longhorn
  50. Educational Fun in the OC
  51. Beware ,,scam site
  52. Happy Birthday TENWOLVES
  53. Experience/opinions about what is the best 4 post lift for the money?
  54. What are your favorite none flesh targets?
  55. Marshall's Pub is open for business
  56. Every company has problems!
  57. Feminization of America?
  58. The End Of An Era....
  59. Shot Heard Round the World Day
  60. I May Never Be The Same!!
  61. Who Did It? Please Identify Yourself
  62. Wacko on the loose
  63. Donald Trump to speak at gun rights event in Atlanta
  64. News Alert
  65. I would feel threatened
  66. 2018 Dodge Demon from "HELL"
  67. 4-14-17 the new 'Fast and Furious' movie.
  68. The pub is open
  69. Good news
  70. MOAB dropped on Afghanistan
  71. hey...Amazon.com
  72. Gun Raffle Winners ID Page
  73. Ready to Kick some Arse!
  74. Do you really know who you go shooting with?
  75. Smart Women and ...Men have almost quit...
  76. The Son
  77. Back on the Forum....
  78. If It's Friday it's bourbon time.
  79. Harry Reid
  80. Tomahawk up there tutu's
  81. Statistics On Accidental Firearm Deaths
  82. EoTech HWS refund
  83. Pepsi
  84. I haven't read this thread, but here's my 2 cents.
  85. North Korea
  86. montanaResident??
  87. Ncis
  88. Hand Salad
  89. Moving (into the long awaited shop)
  90. Obama's Illegal aliens in our military?
  91. DIZZINESS after shooting indoors
  92. Could The Donald have been right about surveilence??
  93. Michael Flynn: new evidence spy chiefs had concerns about Russian ties
  94. Dead criminal’s family complains victim’s AR-15 made the fight unfair
  95. Kimber Introduces Solo45 Ultimate
  96. How to enjoy a Kanye West song
  97. Bar is open
  98. Just For Marshall
  99. Keeping from becoming a drug addict is painful!
  100. How much should I lubricate my gun?
  101. Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall
  102. We got any fly fishers?
  103. I'm ‘empowering’...how about you?
  104. Democratic Officials Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion
  105. Mexico Vows $50 Million Legal Fund to Fight U.S. Deportations
  106. We have two birthdays today
  107. RIP Chuck Berry
  108. More St Patrick's Day Stuff!!!
  109. Chatting Thread IV about nothing in particular
  110. The Old Watering Hole Is Open!
  111. Something for Marshall on 3-16-17
  112. ...oh, the suffering I endure...
  113. How About A Little Quiz?
  114. Daylight Savings Time Spring Forward
  115. Anyone into roadsters?
  116. Happy Birthday JC45
  117. Anyone into trucks or other 4x4 vehicles?
  118. Where's Marshall?
  119. Bourbon time people!
  120. Trump’s Interior Secretary IMMEDIATELY Reverses Obama’s Spiteful Lead Ammo Ban
  121. Bar is OPEN, 3/3/2017
  122. Is Gun Ownership a Right?
  123. New Knee
  124. Sam's Club Scan & Go???
  125. New Toy, Something Different
  126. VA: Governor McAuliffe vetoes Knife Law Reform
  127. Bill Paxton passed at 61
  128. Well, alright , I'll open the bar
  129. Tekmats for Kimbers
  130. Road trip questions
  131. NRATV.com
  132. Loader
  133. Parts On Gunbroker
  134. Irresponsible...
  135. https://www.kimbertalk.com/forums/off-topic-discussion-forum/7852-chatting-thread-iii-
  136. Tough Road Ahead
  137. Marshall's Bar Is Now Open..
  138. Leaked Emails:Dem State Leaders Think Obama’s New Organizing Army is‘Grade A Bullshit
  139. CBS’s Dickerson:Lack of Trust In the Media Is Not Because of Trump
  140. We Did It Chuck
  141. Now You See it-Now You Don't
  142. Paintball, anybody ever play?
  143. Incredible Marble Music Machine
  144. For the Kimber ladies.
  145. Bourbon time people!
  146. Sign the Petition NOW. Time is running out.
  147. Weather Alert Radio Recommendation
  148. LEO Service Past And Present
  149. What Branch of the Military you serve in?Roll Call!
  150. I have an ediquette question.
  151. Super Bowl Sunday Picks
  152. Vietnam veteran turns tables on would-be robbers, shooting both
  153. Never got this concept . . .
  154. Six
  155. Marshall's Pub Is Open For Business
  156. Early Spring In The South!!
  157. Getting Cold Feet
  158. Good morning Kimberly Klan!
  159. Anybody See Wayne Lapierre Sitting On Trumps Left Last Night?
  160. Winners Chosen - Next Drawing for Leupold Tioga HD Binoculars March 1st
  161. Trump picks Colo. appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court
  162. Pretty cool little video
  163. Mad Dog Mattis vs Chuck Norris...... Go
  164. Guess who?
  165. Hillary Clinton Defies Trump Immigration Restrictions: ‘This Is Not Who We Are’
  166. Anyone with experience with Urban Carry holster?
  167. The Road To The White House
  168. Randolph Scott or Gary Cooper?
  169. The Friday Night Bar Has Opened.
  170. Trump keeps Promise!
  171. Outsiders
  172. Saying bye to the first one ever..
  173. Polish Kabanosy Sausages
  174. NanoVault
  175. Cabelas Deal
  176. To all of the Retired/Current Law Enforcement Officers
  177. Happy Birthday John Moses Browning - January 23
  178. Lindsey Graham: ‘I Don’t Know What America First Means’
  179. Marshall's Bar is Open
  180. Compilation of people who said Trump would never be President
  181. A Presidential Toast-The Bar Is Now Open
  182. Good morning, folks!
  183. Ribs and Ziti
  184. Something New
  185. Pardon Me, Mr. President!!
  186. Hillary’s MASSIVE MELTDOWN If that f ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!
  187. Piers Morgan on his friend Donald Trump, tells snowflake liberals to get over it
  188. Gun silencers are nothing to fear
  189. Frog lube
  190. It's 5 o'clock somewhere
  191. Happy Birthday rbarton42
  192. Wilson Checkered Front Strap
  193. Shoot out at gun shop in GA today.
  194. New addition to the gun room.....
  195. Nationwide Reciprocity Permit
  196. Found these in a box.....
  197. REAL Beer
  198. The First Friday of 2017 Bar Is Open
  199. South Snow Freakout 2017
  200. FFLs
  201. Signatures......
  202. Only In Chicago!! Right Chuck?
  203. Man kidnapped and assaulted in Chicago
  204. Youtube Gun Channels
  205. God Bless Texas!!
  206. we still have some good ones
  207. My Mothers 98th Birthday Today
  208. Anthony Bourdain eviscerates ‘privileged Eastern liberals' for ‘utter contempt’
  209. Story of my life.....
  210. Happy Birthday
  211. Welcome to Constitutional Carry in Missouri
  212. Happy Birthday
  213. Happy New Year!
  214. Happy Birthday Chickadee
  215. Happy Birthday byern
  216. Looking for reputable and reasonable laser engraver
  217. Any of you old Geezers have a knee replacement?????
  218. A Man in California Is Fighting a Caffeine DUI
  219. I got this tonight from my brother...
  220. 2016 Terrorist Attacks
  221. Obama's Legacy
  222. Christmas 1944
  223. That's The Way It Is!
  224. History
  225. Baked Ziti
  226. This Is For Our Kimber Talk Ladies
  227. You Can't Bomb An Ideology
  228. The Holiday Bar Is Open
  229. Crimson Trace Customer Service
  230. Good Cop
  231. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  232. FedEx Offers NRA Members a Special Perk This Holiday Season
  233. Just Got Back From Germany
  234. Ralphie Revisited!!
  235. Blaming everyone but the lady in the mirror...
  236. Valerie Jarrett:My Grandfather May Not Have Died If He Didn’t Have a Gun for Self-Def
  237. OK, I'll open the bar tonight.
  238. DIY Smoked Almonds
  239. 2017 Shot Shot
  240. Pizza Day
  241. Onion Satire: City Of Chicago Working Around Clock To Clear 18" Of Bullet Casing
  242. Happy Birthday J Mosby
  243. Marshall's Pub is know open...
  244. Learn How To Save A Life
  245. God Speed John Glenn
  246. Generations Defined By Birth Year
  247. Cancel Order!
  248. December 7th Remember Pearl Harbor
  249. "gator trout" :-)
  250. GOP Leadership to Delay Donald Trump’s Election-Winning Priorities