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  1. December 7th Remember Pearl Harbor
  2. "gator trout" :-)
  3. GOP Leadership to Delay Donald Trump’s Election-Winning Priorities
  4. Ohio Rally - fantastic!
  5. It's Official
  6. Ann Coulter: How Trump Could Ruin His Presidency
  7. General "mad dog" Mattis
  8. Gun Belts
  9. Great talking points (against) liberals...
  10. Another deer hide
  11. The Democrats real strategy in launching recounts!
  12. One suspect dead, 9 injured after attack at Ohio State University involving car, butc
  13. Let's have a bit of fun.......
  14. Cappicolla today
  15. Interesting read
  16. Only 95+ billion to go
  17. Happy Birthday gwbiker
  18. Ticked Off At Kimber Website
  19. Why would Trump reward them?
  20. Happy Birthday The_Rapscallion
  21. I ate too much
  22. Happy Birthday cookie179
  23. Deer Hunters lesson for out of state folks
  24. You just can't make this stuff up
  25. Thanksgiving Proclamation
  26. 'Calexit': Proposal submitted for California to secede from US
  27. 3 days to install this ** Gasp!!! **
  28. Fraud!!! We been duped
  29. Behind the scenes with the President Elect
  30. Which Kimber Pistol Should I Buy Next?
  31. Another Firearms Quiz
  32. Price of .22 ammunition expected to drop
  33. Eleventh Hour Changes to Federal Firearm Form 4473
  34. Trump and the fanily business vs. The Presidency
  35. Happy Birthday Gtwo
  36. Windows 10 computer question
  37. Range Report
  38. The Friday Night Bar I Open
  39. Fake News
  40. Oh cool! (We don't have a holsters thread...)
  41. Good Guy With A Gun!
  42. Jesse Jackson: It would be wise in the name of justice for Obama to pardon Hillary!
  43. Ring of Fire.....
  44. Special Alert!!
  45. The millennials song parody
  46. Happy Birthday william.ortman.9
  47. Wayne LaPierre | Our Time Is Now
  48. Passerby shoots, kills motorist assaulting deputy after traffic stop
  49. Another Muslim to lead democrats?
  50. Happy Birthday greg1147
  51. Democratic logic - Cubs didn't win the World Series
  52. RIP Leon Russell, Dead at 74. One of my favorite Leon songs!
  53. Trump on 60 minutes
  54. There is someone shooting in the area
  55. A genuine POS South Carolina Senator
  56. Chelsea Clinton reportedly being groomed for congressional run
  57. Remembering Mike Dillon
  58. Judge Jeanine Pirro Pres-Elect Donald Trump
  59. 50 Million+ Deplorables
  60. Mom throws 8 year old out of house for voting for Trump
  61. Happy days are here......
  62. Uninstalling Obama!
  63. The bar is open
  64. Happy Birthday str8shutr and jdavidboyd
  65. Veterans Day 2016
  66. GSL’s John Boch Named To Trump Admin’s Second Amendment Coalition
  67. “She lost the election because of the gun issue.”
  68. CalExit: Californians Call for Secession After Trump
  69. Repurposed Pumpkin
  70. Scrotum. It's grab'em time.
  71. California Proposition 63 passes
  72. Media experts... oh please...
  73. Happy Birthday GlokRok
  74. Congrats to President Elect Trump
  75. Is it Chucks Fault?
  76. TruGlo Brite-Site fiber sights
  77. Monthly Preliminary Data on Officers Killed
  78. Happy Birthday roketdoc
  79. I support or agree most with Jill Stein
  80. Calling all Texans!
  81. Daylight Savings Time Ends Tonight
  82. Web of deception, corruption... selling out America
  83. Remington 700 vs 3x3 Buck
  84. "Truth Isn't Fearmongering"
  85. Join the NRA and others
  86. North Idaho Purge
  87. Tripp research Cobra Mags
  88. BleachBit selling 'cloth or something' -- in homage to Clinton
  89. Senior Message
  90. To All Fathers Of Daughters
  91. Hillary's behind!
  92. University of Texas: No Cowboy or Indian Costumes
  93. Halloween Horror films
  94. The History of Halloween or More then you ever wanted to know about it
  95. The Hisotry of the Middle Finger
  96. Polish Kabanosy Slim Jims Tomorrow
  97. Public House is open
  98. Thanks to you guys who contributed to the FNRA
  99. Firearms Quiz....how much do you know?
  100. Phrase anthologies
  101. Clinton is back under investigation
  102. Seen the (latest) proof of the Dem's/Clinton criminality?
  103. Good deal right now on an Athlon scope for your AR15
  104. Happy Birthday elpablo
  105. Shooting Gongs
  106. Hilton Hotel scare
  107. hey Yonkers....send me a spare label.
  108. The cluelessness is amazing....
  109. Bad guys shoot at cop
  110. This might explain a few things..................
  111. Trump to sue 11 (so far) sexual assault accusers
  112. Australia's Gun Buy Back was a Failure!
  113. Corner bar is open
  114. Donalds chances???
  115. 10/19/2016 Early Voting!!
  116. Last and likely worst debate in History
  117. "our" (not!) mainstream media
  118. Happy Birthday ShootinHigh
  119. Democrat Campaign Bus Dumps Raw Sewage!!
  120. Bon Caca
  121. WikiLeaks says Ecuador cut off Assange’s internet after new Clinton emails published
  122. Holy crap!!! PROOF Clinton Campaign and DNC Incited Violence at Trump Rallies
  123. Wikileaks Hillary Campaign emails
  124. Republican Party Office firebombed
  125. Publius Huldah Powerful Speech: All Federal Gun Control Is Unlawful
  126. The Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes
  127. 2nd Amendment and Bill of Rights video...
  128. Out of shape PD/FD
  129. Chicago police release video of female officer beating
  130. For those of you near Nashville
  131. De-bar is open
  132. Paul Ryan
  133. Happy Birthday lauren044
  134. OK then...
  135. Remember When.......
  136. Presidential Debate: Donald Trump Appears With Bill Clinton’s Accusers
  137. California: "Cops! Run away run away!"
  138. Will she get his goat tonight???
  139. Well this kinda deflates the BLM football players protest don't it?
  140. Electronic Ear Muffs?
  141. Putting Things In Prospective
  142. Redneck Drives a Duct Taped Car Off a Cliff!
  143. Happy Birthday ditrina
  144. Washington Post throws haymaker at Trump.
  145. My dog's a democrat video.
  146. Went to Kallispell today
  147. Morning People
  148. Getting ready for the hurricane.
  149. VP Debate
  150. Happy Birthday Adamant
  151. Australia Gun Control Fail
  152. Cabela’s Agrees to Buyout by Bass Pro in $5.5 Billion Deal
  153. Bar is open...my wedding anniversary today
  154. Anybody buying a Hillary On-Sale firearm?
  155. Something appropriate for the times.
  156. Happy Birthday RERMPR1
  157. NRA Classes
  158. 10# of Beef Jerky in the dehydrator
  159. A Police shooting close to home!
  160. Own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended.
  161. I was waiting for this to happen.
  162. Your take on the debate...
  163. Watch the debate or squeeze my salami?
  164. Tourist shot in Nashville
  165. White man shot by police in Clinton, NC
  166. A Little Political Humor
  167. Collector Car Insurance
  168. The bar is open
  169. Anybody see this shootout in GA home?
  170. A true story from the eye doctor.
  171. Folks get along fine....
  172. Charlotte protests/riots
  173. Trumps "bomb" comment
  174. Any problems getting gas due to pipeline explosion?
  175. I'm getting that Salami feeling again
  176. Chicago PD answer to attacks on female joggers
  177. Wrong Boat
  178. Harvest moon bar is open
  179. 3d printed guns? Really?
  180. No permit needed to carry a weapon in Missouri...
  181. First Leupold Binoculars
  182. Who knows....maybe a Kerry Global Initative in the future!!
  183. Longmire
  184. In My Blood
  185. Hillary Replaced?
  186. I should be the next Director of the FBI
  187. Best Salsa
  188. Happy Birthday protector 6062
  189. Basket of deploarbles
  190. May We Never Forget
  191. Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection
  192. New Ray Stevens song...
  193. ? For The More Advanced Computer Geeks Here
  194. The Marshall's Bar & Grill is open...
  195. EVER NOTICE(small rant)
  196. What The Over?
  197. Colin Kaepernick Wants A Perfect America!!
  198. Shredded BBQ Beef
  199. Think that your smart phone is safe ??
  200. Long weekend, so it's cocktail hour
  201. For All You Harley Fans
  202. Happy Birthday Jflytle
  203. Happy Birthday gaxtreme
  204. Happy Birthday Jflytle
  205. Bourbon time
  206. Hillary addresses the VFW in Cincinnati today!
  207. This can’t be a good thing! Homeland to take charge of elections!!
  208. "War On Guns" Article for August 29th
  209. OH wow: This is baffling
  210. Getting back to Rusty...
  211. 500,000,000 solar panels by the end of her 1st 4 years!
  212. Kayla Mueller — The Girl Left Behind!
  213. 44th Anniversary
  214. Bourbon time
  215. Oh no! These will get banned too.
  216. moving to Cali. am i screwed?
  217. Joe Biden confirms global ignorance
  218. U.S. paid $1.3 billion to Iran two days after cash delivery
  219. Road rage gone bad...
  220. Lyin Donald
  221. Happy Birthday Kid Shileen
  222. In crackdown on violence, Chicago police arrest more than 100 in gang raids
  223. Happy Birthday jfsjr66
  224. Tonight's swill....
  225. Solution To Gun Control
  226. Gun Safe Organization
  227. CNN omits Sylville Smith's sister's comment.....surprise!!
  228. Love this! Any other good sayings?
  229. No campus carry in Ga...except Tasers.
  230. US nukes at Turkey base at risk of seizure!
  231. Freedom?
  232. Violence erupts after officer-involved shooting
  233. Bourbon!
  234. Bill Clinton accuses FBI of serving up a ‘load of bull’
  235. Get Your Lyin Hillary Doll
  236. The Bar is Officially Open!
  237. Hillary's first pardon
  238. ISIS - The big lie
  239. Taliban Terrorist Supporter - Crooked Hillary
  240. For the Buckeyes
  241. DOJ / Baltimore
  242. Another Clinton casualty?
  243. well, she said it out loud :-(
  244. Chicago Police say three West Side gangs plotting to shoot cops
  245. DISNEYLAND FOR GUN ENTHUSIASTS! - Best Indoor Shooting Range!
  246. Hillary Clinton Won't Stop Lying! Judge Jeanine Opening Statement 8/6/16
  247. Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email- they're worried about Trump??
  248. McCarran-Walter Act of 1952
  249. Another of our MC members died.
  250. Pre-election prep and a snort at the bar