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  1. ? For The More Advanced Computer Geeks Here
  2. The Marshall's Bar & Grill is open...
  3. EVER NOTICE(small rant)
  4. What The Over?
  5. Colin Kaepernick Wants A Perfect America!!
  6. Shredded BBQ Beef
  7. Think that your smart phone is safe ??
  8. Long weekend, so it's cocktail hour
  9. For All You Harley Fans
  10. Happy Birthday Jflytle
  11. Happy Birthday gaxtreme
  12. Happy Birthday Jflytle
  13. Bourbon time
  14. Hillary addresses the VFW in Cincinnati today!
  15. This can’t be a good thing! Homeland to take charge of elections!!
  16. "War On Guns" Article for August 29th
  17. OH wow: This is baffling
  18. Getting back to Rusty...
  19. 500,000,000 solar panels by the end of her 1st 4 years!
  20. Kayla Mueller — The Girl Left Behind!
  21. 44th Anniversary
  22. Bourbon time
  23. Oh no! These will get banned too.
  24. moving to Cali. am i screwed?
  25. Joe Biden confirms global ignorance
  26. U.S. paid $1.3 billion to Iran two days after cash delivery
  27. Road rage gone bad...
  28. Lyin Donald
  29. Happy Birthday Kid Shileen
  30. In crackdown on violence, Chicago police arrest more than 100 in gang raids
  31. Happy Birthday jfsjr66
  32. Tonight's swill....
  33. Solution To Gun Control
  34. Gun Safe Organization
  35. CNN omits Sylville Smith's sister's comment.....surprise!!
  36. Love this! Any other good sayings?
  37. No campus carry in Ga...except Tasers.
  38. US nukes at Turkey base at risk of seizure!
  39. Freedom?
  40. Violence erupts after officer-involved shooting
  41. Bourbon!
  42. Bill Clinton accuses FBI of serving up a ‘load of bull’
  43. Get Your Lyin Hillary Doll
  44. The Bar is Officially Open!
  45. Hillary's first pardon
  46. ISIS - The big lie
  47. Taliban Terrorist Supporter - Crooked Hillary
  48. For the Buckeyes
  49. DOJ / Baltimore
  50. Another Clinton casualty?
  51. well, she said it out loud :-(
  52. Chicago Police say three West Side gangs plotting to shoot cops
  53. DISNEYLAND FOR GUN ENTHUSIASTS! - Best Indoor Shooting Range!
  54. Hillary Clinton Won't Stop Lying! Judge Jeanine Opening Statement 8/6/16
  55. Clinton discussed executed Iranian scientist on email- they're worried about Trump??
  56. McCarran-Walter Act of 1952
  57. Another of our MC members died.
  58. Pre-election prep and a snort at the bar
  59. Teen shooter Ginny Thrasher wins USA's first gold medal of Rio Olympics
  60. Some good news, for a change...
  61. Passing through
  62. Not thinking about Hillary or Donald
  63. The 2nd Amendment: Liberal Edition Video
  64. Tread on Me
  65. Who Would Win The Election Today?
  66. Hillary Panders To Muslims!!
  67. Funding Terrorism
  68. PROOF OBAMA LIED - Iran Held Plane on Tarmac Until Ransom Plane Arrived
  69. Charlton Heston - Winning the Cultural War (Even more true today)
  70. Khizr Khan .... Kahn game!
  71. Clint Eastwood on Donald Trump’s Racism: ‘Just F—ing Get Over It’
  72. Pre-Immigrant Constitutional Rights?
  73. What you might not know about Donald Trump's older sister
  74. Indiana, where you can buy a gun without a background check per Barry Obama & others
  75. Something different
  76. I am really liking her
  77. Pat Caddell on cooked Reuters poll for Hillary
  78. Tiiiiiiiime is on my side, yes it is...
  79. Blue Star Mom's Response to Hillary's "Khan Man"
  80. Way to go Jimmy Walker!!!
  81. Time for an honest-to-goodness gun safe
  82. On Gun Talk radio today!
  83. Exclusive-NSA has all the deleted Clinton emails
  84. Exclusive-NSA has all the deleted Clinton emails
  85. Finally, some scotch
  86. Crooked Hillary Psychopathic Liar
  87. Central Ohio man advocates killing cops, then calls 911 for help
  88. Happy Birthday Imagesandwords2k and bhunted
  89. Russian-spies-said-to-hack-systems-used-in-clinton's run
  90. BLM and Black Americans turning against Dems and Clintons?
  91. Police officer dead, another injured in Southcrest shooting
  92. What Bill left out....
  93. WTF!! US 'spy plane' makes emergency landing in Russia after "problem"
  94. Uncensored American Goes Off On Black Lives Matter
  95. "feel the bern"
  96. Obama's Half-Brother For TRUMP!!!
  97. Syrian refugee arrested in machete murder in Germany
  98. Hearing protection
  99. Happy Birthday Bisquitlips
  100. Casting your own bullets
  101. Take the candidate pairing quiz
  102. At Least 8 Killed in 'Possible Terror Attack' at Munich Mall, Manhunt Underway
  103. Gurkha humor can be downright spooky.
  104. Flashlights
  105. Ted Cruz :-(
  106. Chris W. Cox: 2016 Republican National Convention
  107. Trip down memory lane.
  108. Better Lucky Than Good!!
  109. Rarest 1911 Ever
  110. Kimbertalk is voting for?
  111. Proof Ronald Reagan Didn't Pander To Protesters
  112. 3 police officers killed, 3 wounded; suspect dead in Baton Rouge
  113. Aussie Muslim Song
  114. The bar is unlocked.
  115. Survey Of Police Chiefs: ’76 Percent’ Say Armed Citizens Reduce Violent Crime
  116. Cops Not Allowed
  117. At Least 75 Dead as Truck Plows Into Crowd in Southern France, Driver Killed
  118. Fox & Friends: Is The 2nd Amendment For Whites Only?
  119. Buried my sweet mom yesterday.
  120. Penn & Teller Patriotic Speech
  121. Trump just picked his running mate.
  122. Something anyone can do to show Support to our Police
  123. Black Lives Matter Protest
  124. I like what he has to say
  125. well, the zoo trip not happening :-(
  126. New Black Panther Party
  127. Happy Birthday John45
  128. Georgia police officer shot multiple times in Valdosta
  129. Having problems with other users?
  130. ...no one to blame but myself...
  131. R.I.P To the Dallas Police Officers
  132. "How Not To Fix Inner-City Gun Violence"
  133. The Presidents Sidearm
  134. 300 sanctuary cities !!!
  135. Happy Birthday Mini Me
  136. Happy Birthday Mini Me
  137. This is a cool story
  138. What are you going to do?
  139. Happy Birthday Warcloud72
  140. Crisis of Confidence
  141. "Radical" Islam?
  142. Rumor has it...
  143. Justified, Overeaction or Just the world we live in ?
  144. Thank you Patriots!
  145. Who is your no compromise voice
  146. HAPPY JULY 4 Everyone.
  147. Congressional Black Caucus :-(
  148. Interesting facts about bats!
  149. Our newest national park? Really?
  150. Are you a member of the NRA?
  151. Hey, it's Friday!!
  152. new CA laws :-(
  153. Independence Day
  154. VZ grips 15% 4th of July Sale
  155. Chicago's first 6 months 2016
  156. Profiling is so wrong!!
  157. ...transgenders in combat???
  158. Active Shooter at Andrews
  159. My Grandson impersonating me.
  160. I need some computer advice about windows 10
  161. So, Ya think any money was transferred to the Caymen Islands after this meeting?
  162. Any Lawyers in the group: A new amendment in Tennessee...
  163. Sounds like a "phishing" scam to me.
  164. Gunwatcher.com
  165. Trump can cure California's water problem
  166. Judge Richard Posner: ‘No value’ in studying the U.S. Constitution
  167. Happy Birthday Marshall
  168. Let's see pictures of your motorcyles!
  169. United States of Secrets
  170. Time to open up the bar.
  171. The Gurkha leaves for vacation.
  172. Say Goodbye To Your Grandfathered Magazines, Californians
  173. Hawaii becomes first state to put gun owners in federal database
  174. "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"
  175. Has anyone admitted what the ultimate goal is to gun control?
  176. Reporter rejected on gun purchase
  177. "The Threat of Lone Wolf Attacks"
  178. Six trivia questions to see how much history you really know
  179. It's Time To Fight Back / Brevard Sheriff
  180. Always buy spare magazines!
  181. No Micro 9
  182. British man attempts to kill Trump
  183. When do you think this will happen?
  184. Smoked Pepperoni Sausages
  185. Face The Nation...
  186. The Syrians are arriving in The Lou
  187. Happy Fathers Day
  188. God Help Us!!
  189. Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA
  190. Academy Sports:
  191. Speaker Paul Ryan
  192. "the pink pistols" :-)
  193. Drink time- an interesting week
  194. I will be less offensive....soon
  195. Breaking us news/cia agrees with trump on borders
  196. Howard Sterns comments :-)
  197. Chico (The Tourist)
  198. Active Shooter Training
  199. Are you conflicted? A hypocrite?
  200. Perfect for my Macbook Pro and my Kimber!
  201. DRONES, when will it start?
  202. NICS/No Fly List.
  203. Jeh Johnson - Gun control is now a matter of homeland security
  204. Land of the Free?
  205. Flag Day Tuesday June 14th
  206. A Friend posted this on Facebook.
  207. Islam Is Not A Religion!!
  208. Obama: ‘We’ are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre
  209. Micro 9's on Gunbroker
  210. Chicago/Cook County Members
  211. Orlando shooting...
  212. Breaking news in Dallas...
  213. Planning her great EscapeEscape
  214. Monroe PD Running Man Challenge
  215. Sweet Capicola Success
  216. Dog breed identification request
  217. Yesterday was a big day!
  218. Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show
  219. Bar. Open. Saturday.
  220. San Jose anti-America terrorists
  221. I think this mac needs to go back to the mothership.
  222. The doc said, "Chico, I'm afraid we must cut again..."
  223. Hunting Pictures
  224. What would you do?
  225. Bought a Super Carry Ultra HD yesterday.
  226. How Trump will win
  227. Escorting the Queen to the range today.
  228. zoo shooting
  229. Long weekend....
  230. This is on you, Obama.
  231. Is it possible to have too many .45's?
  232. Have you guys seen this?!
  233. Something I made....
  234. Memorial day always to be rememberd by me as decoration day
  235. Great Uncle's Name Inscribed on Memorial column.
  236. The Coca Cola 600
  237. Indy 500
  238. Sweet Italian Sausages
  239. Surefire XC1
  240. Monaco Grand Prix
  241. Happy Birthday Cybercycle
  242. Saturday cocktail hour.
  243. I need to put my Posse together.
  244. MassAmmo.com
  245. Little Marco for Trump
  246. Sometimes you just have to be silly.
  247. What does your State Constitution say...
  248. Bar time!
  249. Happy Memorial Day weekend
  250. These are some of the Dumb Asses Voting for Hillary