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  1. Kurobikari-San is set for a rebuild.
  2. Those new Barges.
  3. I was going to polish this...
  4. The Samurai and the Three Togishi
  5. My new favprite toy.
  6. Tale of a rock
  7. I took the picture, it spooked me, too.
  8. New playing cards coming.
  9. I bought a partially serrated knife...
  10. I am large, in charge, and with another Barge!
  11. Special shaping tools from Ken Schwartz.
  12. SnowTao's knife.
  13. Splines from Blue Ridge will arrive today.
  14. Honesty in the cuterlery industry.
  15. Just call me "Dr. Tourist."
  16. Refining the Coye licensed copy fixed blade.
  17. I'm disappointed *sigh*
  18. Knife or death
  19. The Boker-Plus licensed Coye fixed blade.
  20. Lousy computer, nice knife.
  21. My Kershaw Barge
  22. Chico's Computer Died
  23. I love folded Japanese steel!
  24. Folding pocket katana?
  25. Best Bowie knife around $50
  26. Japanese Togishi interviewed on TV
  27. It truly is a curse.
  28. DeYong knives
  29. Trench/knuckle knife
  30. Cutco knives
  31. Was anyone working Q/C that day?
  32. New Knife Polishing Tool
  33. Cheap--and I mean cheap--useful knives.
  34. New Knives Coming.
  35. Well, that was embarrassing.
  36. Wingnut's Knife
  37. The dirty side of polishing.
  38. I picked out the "bad" Kizer.
  39. Scratches by the batches!
  40. Playing with metal and rocks.
  41. ...and I got the last one...
  42. My wife said, "Sell, don't collect..."
  43. New Emerson
  44. The Broken Stone.
  45. Will this be a nightmare to sharpen?
  46. Knives Illustrated, 2018 review magazine.
  47. Pile of Diversity
  48. Barge as scalpel.
  49. Comparison of Knife Steels
  50. The Kirinaga Edge.
  51. Some New Stones
  52. Knife for Stainless II
  53. A couple of more for Vacation week
  54. Inexpensive Knives
  55. Chinese ZT (knockoff)
  56. Just got a surprise from Blue Ridge.
  57. Don't do this to your polisher!
  58. Scissors and The Edge Pro
  59. Pictures, collections, and DIY projects.
  60. It grew on me, the Ruger/CRKT Compact.
  61. ZT0801 - The journey Begins
  62. Which pocket?
  63. Which Benchmade
  64. The Man Who Stropped for Integrity Balance
  65. Spyderco Seconds sale
  66. Knives and a certain redhead.
  67. Knife Show
  68. The Barge, strange demographics.
  69. Can't Cut Warm Butter
  70. Rougher than a cob.
  71. Buck 184 Buckmaster Survival Knife
  72. Black knives matter
  73. Seniors for switch blades!
  74. She could be right ....
  75. It's all coming clear to me now.
  76. knifes
  77. This was all Chuck's fault.
  78. New EDC ... a good get!
  79. Surprised, delighted, and a bit confused.
  80. Doc is going to demand this before it's polished...
  81. My Bradford Guardian 4 just arrived!
  82. Automatic Knives Now Legal In Illinois For CCL Holders
  83. Bought a new Bradford knife.
  84. Then the redhead took my knife...
  85. Playing in Chico's Sandbox
  86. Knife stories....
  87. No name knives are the best...
  88. Red Lucite
  89. Red Widow
  90. How low can he go?
  91. My ZT0909, I couldn't take it anymore!
  92. Little girl makes knives!
  93. Didn't come up to my standards.
  94. Got bored, bought some knives.
  95. Switchblade
  96. Knife Sharpener
  97. I did not know this about 3V.
  98. Help Identify Knife
  99. I needed another one, it surprised me.
  100. "That's not a knife"
  101. New Buck for me
  102. I bought a knife for using--improperly.
  103. Barge Update
  104. Knife Gets Approval
  105. Cosmetic issues.
  106. The ultimate knife sharpening jig
  107. I got the stones
  108. New knife in 3V alloy coming this week.
  109. Bradford 3 and a kirinaga edge.
  110. POS blade at Christmas
  111. Bradford Guardian 3
  112. Polishing a new alloy.
  113. Bad news on the ZT0909
  114. Another new knife.
  115. The Bradford Knife
  116. New Toy
  117. How often to sharpen?
  118. The TOPS C.U.T. 4.0 fixed blade.
  119. Started sharpening/polishing the Gil Hibbens
  120. New personal knife.
  121. I got Doc's knives back yesterday.
  122. So what's the difference and why?
  123. Can this be polished?
  124. Oh, which one should I polish?
  125. Leather sheath for the TOPS C.U.T. 4.0
  126. UPS notified me I have a package coming.
  127. Bought myself two knives--both sharp.
  128. Just received a client's knife to polish.
  129. Couple of new CRKT's
  130. Polishing the Gil Hibbens III
  131. ...idle hands and anxiety...
  132. Microtech
  133. Just finished the sharpest knife I ever polished.
  134. Smith's Since 1889, Knife Sharpen Kit.
  135. Got a new Benchmade survival knife
  136. I like Buck Knives
  137. Kershaw "Barge" folder.
  138. A knife just for chores.
  139. I bought a new switchblade.
  140. I love knives again!
  141. Of course, GoingSolo will probably kill me...
  142. My Latest
  143. I bought some "scrap" knives.
  144. i finally ordered my new knife
  145. Dad's Old Pocket Knife
  146. Bought myself a new knife.
  147. Polishing the last knife.
  148. Make your knives cut better without a stone!
  149. Best of both Worlds
  150. Sharpened the Ax -- Because?
  151. Here's the one I've been looking for...
  152. Pardon from the governor.
  153. Stone flatteners.
  154. 1st Edge of Suehiro Stones
  155. ...both remarkably sharp...
  156. "Thank you for your service" - HK
  157. The Outdoor Edge Combo
  158. New Stones from K. Schwartz
  159. Practicing
  160. First test of the 3.2 million slurry.
  161. Received my nanodiamond slurry from Ken.
  162. I bought a new toy.
  163. New research.
  164. Where will it end with Schwartz?
  165. New custom knife
  166. I started to polish that last No Time Off.
  167. Zero Tolerance
  168. My Dad's Knife
  169. Schwartz "starter kit" for Edge Pro.
  170. CRKT Knives Shipped
  171. Forged In Fire marathon
  172. Found in storage
  173. ...this is embarrassing...
  174. Evolutionary Step Sparper
  175. Swap Meet purchase
  176. CRKT No Time Off
  177. Forged In Fire
  178. Picture for Chuck
  179. Have handle material - need knife
  180. Quality question
  181. Just How Bad are Factory Edges
  182. Care, flattening, and break-in of stones.
  183. New sharpening system
  184. Switchblades arrived--both sharp!
  185. Strangely prophetic name.
  186. Gov. Walker signs Switchblade Bill 142
  187. Polished my first knife in weeks!
  188. Sharp Knives = Healthier Eating
  189. Got the Amazon Knockoff Sharpener Today
  190. Knife Surprise
  191. Edge Pro sharpening system
  192. Boker Slicer
  193. Need suggestions
  194. Zero Tolerance Knives
  195. One for the judges
  196. A work in progress.
  197. I love cheap knives.
  198. If you buy only one expensive stone...
  199. Last order of 2015 just delivered.
  200. Edge Angle for Intended Use
  201. What grit stones would you recommend
  202. Talked to Ken Schwartz on stones.
  203. ...let's get dangerous...
  204. Voodoo Hawk.
  205. Turning Japanese.
  206. Best of a bad situation.
  207. Zebra Wood
  208. New Challenge for Chico
  209. ...I'm in polisher's hell...
  210. TOPS Knives, the best cutting tools I own.
  211. Kimber Kershaw Knife.
  212. Slightly larger order to Yonkers...
  213. Today's Sharpening Task
  214. All that work--for nothing...
  215. Idle hands and a 2nd AG Russell Sunfish.
  216. Kimber offers knives.
  217. Finally! Retirement is within sight!
  218. Tennessee Veterinarian Buys a Medford.
  219. Stone polishing the new TOPS.
  220. New knife and 'bug out' supplies.
  221. Bought a knife for myself.
  222. The Bug Out Bag project continues.
  223. Sharpened up the new Kershaw
  224. TOPS C.A.T. survival knife.
  225. Spyderco ARK in H1 Steel.
  226. "Stone" polishing? I don't get it.
  227. LionSteel T.R.E. job for client.
  228. Gerber Myth (Fixed Blade)
  229. Two Favorite Knives
  230. New knives coming.
  231. Got my knife and...
  232. Polishing a Shun.
  233. Waterstones from Ken.
  234. Todays project
  235. Name That Knife?
  236. Apex 4 Kit - Is this the one to get?
  237. Is this any good?
  238. I just want to see them
  239. Sharpest knife in the world, right out of the box
  240. The Gerber Folding Freescape.
  241. On vacation, but got a new knife.
  242. Show Us Your Knife!!!
  243. Knife Restoration
  244. Hurry up, fanboys, crazes die quickly...
  245. Pro Tech Emerson CQC7 Automatic
  246. Microscopic picture of bevel.
  247. All the stones...and the kitchen sink.
  248. Cutting boards
  249. Question for the blade experts.
  250. The Kershaw Shuffle II