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: New Member Introduction

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  1. Hello from Missouri
  2. New form Indiana
  3. New member new kimber micro
  4. Trex- New member from Oklahoma
  5. Factory ,Kim Pro Tac-Mag or wilson combat 47D
  6. New
  7. New Alabama Member
  8. Kimber Newbie
  9. New Member!
  10. New Member
  11. New Member profile
  12. New Michigan Member
  13. New guy from Ohio
  14. New Member
  15. Hi from Australia
  16. New Member from Middle TN
  17. Hello from Bremerton WA
  18. Hey All, FNG from California...
  19. New guy from FL
  20. Arkansas
  21. New Member Reporting in
  22. I am Still new and so is this CDP II Pro!
  23. Hello from Nebraska
  24. Another new member from N.C.
  25. Anyone Reloading for Kimber CDP II 4"?
  26. New guy from MN
  27. Newer member
  28. Happy Birthday to Imagesandwords 2k
  29. New member from IL
  30. ~'the sweet is never quite as sweet without the sour'~
  31. Not new but its been a while!!
  32. New Member...and happy to be one.
  33. New member
  34. New Member
  35. From Southern Indiana
  36. Happy Birthday to Pawpawsofttail
  37. Waiting for my first Kimber to arrive in Cincinnati, Ohio
  38. New Member, New Kimber
  39. FNG with first Kimber
  40. Hello from KS
  41. New to Kimber, Kimber Talk, and 1911's
  42. New member from the lone star state
  43. New owner from AL
  44. Hello from South Dakota. Glad to be a part of this forum.
  45. New to forum but not to guns...
  46. Sight help
  47. Also in Texas
  48. Hello From Erie,Pennsylvania
  49. Hello from Eastern Washington
  50. Help Chuck
  51. lancelewis
  52. Joining in from Metro ATL
  53. Hello From Georgia
  54. Hello from Texas
  55. Hello from North Alabama
  56. New guy with questions. Kimber enthusiast opinions wanted.
  57. Kimber slide release
  58. hello from west texas
  59. Another New Guy In NC
  60. New Here not to Kimber
  61. Posting lots of pics-help
  62. New Kimber owner
  63. Hats off to Jet Blue Airlines.
  64. New member from the Rocky Mountains...
  65. new here
  66. Greetings from NE Ohio
  67. Good Morning from SE Virginia
  68. Hello from NW Oklahoma
  69. Austin Texas, new to Kimber's
  70. First time Kimber/1911 owner from Ohio
  71. Howdy from SW Okla
  72. New Kimber owner from Bavaria, Germany
  73. New Guy from Missouri
  74. New guy from Indiana
  75. New member from Louisiana
  76. Howdy From A Little East Of The Mississippi
  77. New to everything Kimber
  78. Hello from Central California
  79. Sup from San Jose (Bay Area)
  80. New member from California(NorCal)!
  81. New member from Kentucky
  82. New member from Texas
  83. Howdy from central Texas
  84. New from NC
  85. New to the Forum from Sunny So Cal
  86. new to the forum from Indianapolis
  87. Great to be here.
  88. Retired in Chico
  89. Hello Kimber Talk from Virginia
  90. Hello from pace florida
  91. Greetings from the land of two week summers!
  92. Hello from Southern New Jersey
  93. New member, long time owner
  94. Hello from San Antonio
  95. Hello from Michigan.
  96. New Kimber Stainless Gold Match II from Alberta Canada
  97. Newbie from Michigan
  98. New to Kimber Talk and to Kimbers
  99. hello from new york
  100. Hello from Olympia, WA.
  101. New to the Forum
  102. Hello from texas
  103. Hi
  104. new in ohio
  105. Howdy from the Piney Woods of Texas
  106. Hi, everyone , I'm I retired Marine
  107. Hello from San Francisco, CA (Tennessee native)
  108. New Solo Owner from PA
  109. Hello from Idaho!
  110. New guy from SW Mich
  111. Hello from P- Hill mo.
  112. Hello from Locust Grove, VA./New Orleans, LA.
  113. New Air Force guy.
  114. G'Day guys
  115. Barrel diameter
  116. Hello from Montgomery Texas
  117. New Member from East TN
  118. New member from Missouri
  119. new guy from nevada
  120. Another Newbie with a Solo
  121. Howdy
  122. Two Kimber Member
  123. HI!
  124. New member from King George, VA
  125. new guy from FL
  126. Hello from the mason dixon line
  127. Yep, I'm the new guy.
  128. New Member from Maryland
  129. New member from Northern Illinois
  130. From the Gun Hating state of New York
  131. Hello from Southern Illinois
  132. New from Oregon
  133. New from California (Can't move)
  134. New member front Kentucky
  135. New member from Texas
  136. New from Wisconsin
  137. Hello From South Florida
  138. New Kimber Owner in MI
  139. Newbie from PA
  140. new guy from WV
  141. New Member from Ohio
  142. Hey Fellas (and gals) - newbie here in Atlanta
  143. New Member from North Idaho
  144. My compliments from Missouri
  145. Kimber newby
  146. new member from Georgia. micro carry owner.
  147. Greetings from Pennsyltucky!
  148. New Member Here
  149. new member in Ohio
  150. NewB from central PA
  151. Hello from Pennsylvania
  152. New from Central Florida
  153. new member no ohio
  154. New from Northern ILL
  155. Hello from Havelock, NC
  156. Hello
  157. Howdy from Texas! -Stainless TLE II owner.
  158. New member but no Kimber. ....yet
  159. New member but long time Kimber owner
  160. Hello from Connecticut
  161. New memeber and Micro Carry owner from Maine
  162. New Kimber owner from Florida
  163. Hello from Puerto Rico
  164. New member from Florida!
  165. New Member from So. Indiana
  166. new Kimber owner
  167. New Surgeon General
  168. If I have a badass Kimber can I join your club?
  169. Newbie from FL
  170. New from Clawson, MI
  171. First Kimber rifle
  172. New Kimber long gun owner from Maine
  173. Greetings from Grand Rapids, MI
  174. New guy from FL
  175. Hello Kimber Fans
  176. Greetings and Salutations
  177. hello from FL
  178. From the land of repressive gun laws
  179. Greetings from the Frozen Tundra
  180. New Member
  181. New guy from Florida
  182. Second Kimber made me a member
  183. Hello
  184. New guy Here.
  185. New from East Texas
  186. From Weirton West Virginia
  187. Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin.
  188. New Guy From Colorado
  189. New guy from calif
  190. New member from Michigan
  191. New Guy From Texas
  192. Indiana newbie
  193. Howdy from N.Alabama
  194. Hey from kansas
  195. Aloha
  196. Dennis from the Treasure Coast, FL
  197. Another Ca guy
  198. New member from L,ville, KY.
  199. Hello from Tampa
  200. New member stopping in...
  201. New member from East Texas
  202. New from NC
  203. New from CA
  204. New Guy from SE Michigan
  205. New member from Ohio
  206. New mmeber
  207. Hi from Colorado!
  208. Hi from North Alabama
  209. New from Western KY
  210. New from Texas
  211. Greetings From The Republik of Illinois
  212. Hello from Charleroi PA
  213. Hiya(s) from Northern Illinois, Home of the Polar Vortex.
  214. New from Cumming GA
  215. New Member from Arizona
  216. New member from Deerfield Nh
  217. New Kimber owner from Florida
  218. New Member from Texas
  219. New member from memphis
  220. Hi all from Pensacola Florida
  221. Fng
  222. Just joined the conversation...
  223. Greetings to all
  224. New Member ~ Out of the Shadows
  225. New Member from Maryland
  226. New member from Holland
  227. Abreviations
  228. New Member from N.W. Montana
  229. New member/Kimber owner Sw WA
  230. Hi from NW Illinois
  231. New from SW Illinois
  232. New to forum from Athens, GA, area
  233. Checking in from NC
  234. New to the Forum from Florida
  235. Semi-new member from Illinois
  236. Lurker no more
  237. Howdy from NW Arkansas
  238. New member from clarksville tn
  239. New guy from DFW, TX
  240. New guy
  241. Old shooter with first Kimber
  242. New From New Hampshire
  243. The new guy from TX
  244. New member from Illinois
  245. New Member from Oklahoma
  246. 5th. new Kimber
  247. New member PA
  248. New member - long time Kimber shooter
  249. New Guy
  250. New from Las Vegas