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itarget training app and laser bullet?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I'm thinking about this as a gift for my pops...
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I have no experience with the system you're looking at. I have a Laserlyte system which looks to operate they same way the one your looking at does. It's a lot of fun and good practice, even my grandchildren enjoy using it.
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I've never seen that before, I've seen the Laserlyte system Chuck mentioned, they both look like fun.
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itarget training app and laser bullet?

No experience with that model other than saw it, sounds interesting. But I just picked this up and found it a good deal with the included gun. Get a few of the targets themselves and post them around and I'd consider that a good training aid. I also have the model Chuck has but between that and this model, gives you a different way to train via reaction.

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Thanks for the feed back.

Itarget lets you use your own gun and I think pops will like that. cost is more in my budget as well considering the slew of kids I have and Christmas coming up.

The laserlyt would be nice for multi room or positions... That's a training that would appeal to a lot of folks too.

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That's pretty cool, I wonder if the APP would work on an Ipad or smart tv. We also have the Laserlyte, and you are right, I'd rather use my own pistol. Laserlyte does make a laser bullet for your own pistol to use with their targets.
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Old 11-06-2016, 08:26 AM   #7
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I'm not a tech guy. I tell my kids to make the box work - as I toss them my phone or laptop.

I'm sure the folks that put out the product have been asked that question and if they haven't at least thought of it, they should.
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I'm kind of interested in the ITarget myself, especially since I got that threatening letter from Garfield telling me not to use the neighborhood cats anymore......

It does look like a cool system. I'm curious as to a comparison between that and the Laserlyte, L.A.S.R. and others.
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Old 01-15-2017, 10:08 AM   #9
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My son got me the iTarget system for Christmas, and I've got the laser bullets for .380, 9mm, and .38. Bottom line: It works and it is fun. Don't forget to follow the checklist and calibrate the target area before beginning.
Also, I shut off the laser grip on my M380 first, as a spot from that also sets off the iTarget, and since it might wobble a bit, it sets it off in a bad way.
My opinion is that this is ideal for pistols, as all you do is recock the hammer and fire again. With a DAO striker fired, you just keep pulling the trigger. For my wife's wheel gun... meh. Between each shot, you need to open the cylinder and realign the laser round to the proper 11 or 1 o'clock position so that it fires off on the next trigger pull.
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I picked the iTarget up a few months back. Only have the .45 laser, for my SR1911, will be ordering the 9 mm laser. Like Bobtuba states you need to calibrate the system upon initial set up. It works better in dim light, if it's super bright it doesn't work as well at least for me.

You have to download the free app to your phone and this keeps score and saves your shots on target. They have a new app out $4.99 for quick draw and fire. I have yet to try that, but plan to. This one gives you a random beep to start your draw and fire and times you until you hit the target.

I have an old iPhone s4 and it is a lot tricker to calibrate then my wife's New iPhone S6 + which works great. The sled you get with it won't hold the iPad which would be better, it has large enough adjustments to hold the larger phones which worked better for us.

Works single shot with any gun, you can get the correct caliber laser for. They make most calibers. My 1911 you just have to pull the hammer back or you can rack it if you like more wear. The laser has no rim so it needs to be pushed out by inserting a pencil through the muzzle. DA you can rapid fire with it says but have no DA so can't say one way or the other.

We like it a lot it's fun and really helps improve your skills. I would recommend this system if you are looking for something like this. It's under $100 to your door. I had to wait about six weeks though as they are new company and had to get caught up with the orders.
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