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Back many years ago when I was in basic training, we were doing the hand to hand combat phase. A point was brought up by a drill sgt, do anything before you get into this position. During the carry class we discussed many different scenarios that were brought up about when to actually pull your weapon and fire. A big decision to make in a split second....hope to avoid if at all possible but I will be prepared if it happens.
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Never. I'll run that mother fucker over with my truck. Forward then reverse.
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Originally Posted by ruger22com View Post
Any immediate deadly danger to myself, family, friends, or others around me. But I never would draw, unless I intended to shoot, and shoot to kill. this aint a cowboy movie!
Perfectly stated. I concur.
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Target identification is half. Backstop, innocent bystanders, third party interference with your shot are a quarter of it. Can you make the shot is the final question. The key to any of this is pre-planning. "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." Gen. James Mattis USMC I learned that from my first FTO and over the years it has gotten to be automatic. Where to go if shooting starts. What is around for cover/concealment. Hasty ambush if pursued. Been doing it for so long it happens in the background within the first few minutes of going into a place.
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This is how I draw MY gun:

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Thanks for sharing a beautiful video. I don't draw my gun for a moment in my life.
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