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    Recently purchased a new Master Carry, and have fired over 1000 rounds now with consistent jamming both before and after professional cleaning. I'm using Kimber mags plus one Chip McCormick and shooting 230g FMJ's. When it's not jamming/malfunctioning the gun shoots true 30 yards out, mores...
  2. Kimber 1911 Forum
    What do you guys think of an extended slide release for the 1911 9mm/45ACP models? Is this something that would compliment the functionality of these weapons? I see them everywhere, and I like the idea of one-handed operation. Cheers,
  3. Kimber Micro Carry Forum
    I'm considering the purchase of a Micro with a CT Lasergrip. I normally carry a Kimber CDP II and / or S&W 638 revolver. The Micro has a 7# SAO trigger. How disappointed will I be with the Micro's trigger compared to my 1911 (4# SAO trigger) ? How "snappy" is the recoil of the Micro? similar...
  4. Kimber 1911 Forum
    How many people out there own a Kimber Raptor series 1911? Let's do a experiment. Take whichever model Raptor you have and make sure it's unloaded. Now put the safety on and give the muzzle a good firm smack with the palm of your hand. Is your slide stuck back about 1/16"? Now try disengaging...
  5. Kimber 1911 Forum
    Alright, I finally got the wife's ok to buy myself a new 1911! I just don't know which one. I want either the Pro CDP II, the Stainless Pro Raptor II, or the Master Carry Pro. Anyone have any experience with these? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Firearms Only
    $1950 Up for sale is my circa 1976 Colt Govt Mark IV Series 70 with 2 original nickel mags, (1 Colt mag not in photo, Wilson Mag in photo not included). This gun has been my pride and joy for a long time. But now time to thin the herd. All mods have been done within the last 6 months to a year...
  7. Kimber 1911 Forum
    Custom II $675 Pro Carry II $695 Compact Stainless II $825 Ultra TLE II $875 Stainless TLE II $950 + several more Click Here: Kimber Handguns
1-7 of 9 Results