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  1. The Ammo Can
    Celebration of the 100th anniversary of Federal Cartridge Corp. Is there anything special from Federal on this occasion?
  2. The Ammo Can
    As ammo is back in-stock still demands are low. What you guys think?
  3. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    Anyone shooting Fiocchi or blazer target ammo (FMJ) in their Micro 9? Any issues?
  4. Kimber 1911 Forum
    I watched a video by Bill Wilson/Wilson Combat stating that the ultra sized 1911s would run best with a slightly lighter load 200-185 gr weights. Reason being the magazine can load the rounds slightly faster as the lighter weight slide is also moving faster than a standard full size 1911...
  5. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    Just got my first kimber a basic 2 tone micro 9 . I will be taking to the range for the first time in the next day or 2. I have read a lot on the kimber being ammo finicky and have seen a friend with a ultra carry have it stove pipe and double tap. I normally shoot Glocks but this is such a sexy...
  6. Kimber Talk
    I recently purchased a new Master Carry Pro and need some clarification. I purchased the 9mm model, but the owners manual appears to be written for the 45. Specifically, the manual says i should fire 400-500 rounds of 230gr (MINIMUM) fmj high-quality factory fresh ammo. I found some 158gr...
  7. Kimber Micro Carry Forum
    I haven't been a member here very long, but one thing that I have seen are a number of posts about "FTF's" and other ammo related issues on new Micro and Solo Kimber pistols. I am still waiting to receive my ordered Micro Carry 380, so decided to contact Kimber to ask for their recommendation...
1-7 of 8 Results