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  1. Kimber Revolver Forum
    I have a K6s sn 22xxx and while changing the grips I saw the white nylon cup at the bottom of the main spring. It looks dirty & frail. Another newer model appears same part is black metal. Any known failures of this part? Where can I get a backup? Thanks
  2. Kimber Revolver Forum
    Just took my new K6s 4" Target to the range and, of course, its functioning was flawless. Except - it's point of impact (POI) was consistently a couple of inches below the bullseye at 20 feet. Understand this Kimber and I are just getting acquainted and I may be the problem here, but I do need...
  3. Kimber Revolver Forum
    After reviewing all posts here and elsewhere and exchanging emails with Kimber support, I purchased two Kimber Speedloaders for my new K6s DC LG. (Needed speedloaders as some NRA courses require that you have 2) Worked well, but I was used to a Speed Beez for my S&W 686 and it has a loading...
  4. Kimber Revolver Forum
    I recently got a set of tritium sights from Kimber to put on my new K6S DASA 3". I was able to get the front sight on with ease but the rear dovetail sight is almost impossible to move. I removed the set screw with a 1/16 allen wrench. I tried to push the sight horizontally with a clamp setup...
  5. Kimber Talk
    I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I picked up my K6S today. It looks and feels great! I can't wait to go to the local gun club and play with it. It looks pretty in the photos online, but it's even better in person. It feels very solid. It should easily handle 357 ammo. It just...
1-5 of 5 Results