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  1. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    I have a new Kimber micro 9 and has been fired less than 200 rounds. No issues whatsoever until a couple of weeks ago my slide could not be pulled back all the way in order to lock it. I double, triple checked the lock pin placement. It seems to be sticking around the hammer. Thoughts?
  2. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    I am looking to buy a new carry pistol and was looking at the Micro 9 Stainless Raptor and the Stainless Ultra Raptor II (also 9mm). Can anyone tell me why there is such a MSRP price difference ($889.00 and $1307.00) between these two guns? Also does anyone have experiecne with these pistols and...
  3. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    After searching the forums, reddits, and YouTube, I have been unsuccessful in finding a tutorial or video on the frame disassembly of a Kimber Micro 9. I have broken down the Sig 938, but I've read they're dissimilar in some key areas. Any resources are appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results