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  1. Kimber Micro Carry Forum
    MagGuts website is a bit of a disaster with broken links, and I haven't gotten a reply from the manufacturer, so was hoping someone here might know. I believe I need one of these part # CVN021 for the 7-round Kimber Micro 380 magazine...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I've recently moved to the area from central Arkansas where I participated in shooting sports (Steel Challenge and IDPA) and served on an emergency response team at my church (where we received training from SWAT, the DEA, and medical professionals). I've trained in taekwondo for ten years and...
  3. Kimber Solo Forum
    Hi folks. New here, just got a Carry DC. I really like it, feels great in the hand, and I love the size. I'm getting familiar with the gun, managed to figure out the slide lock and the correct way to catch that little spring when reassembling. Question: I'm not sure I'm inserting...
  4. Kimber Talk
    Wanted to pass this on, I just found a great deal on 7 round Kimpro Tac Mags at Palmetto State Armory. $14.99 - I loaded up. Deal ends today. Kimber 7-round KimPro Tac-Mag, Full-length 1100720A
  5. Kimber Solo Forum
    Finally someone has made an excellent finger extension for the Solo. It replaces the original floor plate and comes in silver or matt black anodized metal. Initial contact can be made through: Sean Kirk MILDEF International LLC 800.556.9470 972.865.4970 Fax 214.578.7003 Cell...
  6. Kimber 1911 Forum
    ...In this weekend!! Finally had a chance to get to the range and finish off the 500 round break in on my Pro Tac II. So far the pistol has worked nearly flawlessly except that yesterday I started having FTF issues with the kimber mag, the Wilson Mag has been 100%!
  7. Kimber Solo Forum
    I'm having an issue with seating the last round in the Solo six round magazine. Both of mine won't easily allow the base of the bullet to rest against the back wall of the magazine. If you look closely at the picture, you will see where the curvature hinders seating the base of the bullet...
  8. Kimber 1911 Forum
    When I picked up my Super Carry Custom HD, knowing that it came with only one magazine, I also picked up a couple of extra Kim Pro Tac Mags. Later in the day, I picked up a Wilson Combat mag. My experience at the range has convinced me that the Wilson Combat mags are superior. Has anyone seen...
1-8 of 10 Results