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  1. Kimber Talk
    Like many others I had many issues trying to get my new Solo 9mm CDP to chamber from the magazine. I was using one of the recommended ammo, Hornady TAP FPD 9mm 124 gr. I have both the stock 6 and extended 8 magazines. Neither would chamber the first shell without a fight. The first shell almost...
  2. Kimber Solo Forum
    I'm having an issue with seating the last round in the Solo six round magazine. Both of mine won't easily allow the base of the bullet to rest against the back wall of the magazine. If you look closely at the picture, you will see where the curvature hinders seating the base of the bullet...
  3. Kimber Solo Forum
    Hello: After shooting a friend's Solo over a few months, I found I couldn't make it with out owning one and got my own. My friend's fired all bullet weights beautifully. Mine failed to cycle 115 gr. I know, it's not designed to function with this load. I thought maybe it will cycle 115s enough...
1-3 of 3 Results