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  1. Parts & Accessories
    I'm looking for a good deal on your unloved laser grips for the Kimber Solo
  2. Kimber Talk
    I feel like there are a few threads about issues with the Solo, but I picked mine up a few days ago, and while everyone seems to be having issues with their slide locking back after each shot due to incorrect reassembly, I seem to be having the opposite problem! After taking it down and cleaning...
  3. Kimber Talk
    Like many others I had many issues trying to get my new Solo 9mm CDP to chamber from the magazine. I was using one of the recommended ammo, Hornady TAP FPD 9mm 124 gr. I have both the stock 6 and extended 8 magazines. Neither would chamber the first shell without a fight. The first shell almost...
  4. Kimber Solo Forum
    I've had my Solo for 4 years. Shoot the recommended ammo every 6 months, and keep it clean as per Kimber instructions. Last trip to the rand revealed that it now light strikes/ fails to fire 4/7 rounds per magazine. I've called Kimber now on 3 different days and no one answers (website says...
  5. Kimber Solo Forum
    Hi folks. New here, just got a Carry DC. I really like it, feels great in the hand, and I love the size. I'm getting familiar with the gun, managed to figure out the slide lock and the correct way to catch that little spring when reassembling. Question: I'm not sure I'm inserting...
  6. Kimber Solo Forum
    Greetings all, My solo was sent to the factory for the feeding and ejecting issues recently. Since its return, it has fed/shot everything I loaded into the magazine. Last week, I cleaned it and reassembled it and loaded it and carried it. This week I went to unload it, removed magazine and when...
  7. Kimber Solo Forum
    We picked up the new Solo CDP the other night and could not wait to take it to the range to see if we were going to experience any problems. I did the recommended initial cleaning along with applying lube where needed. My wife and I (it will be her carry gun) started off with a 25 pack of...
  8. Kimber Solo Forum
    Contrary to recommendations by both Kimber and some on this forum, I don't adhere to shooting $1 / bullet hollowpoint ammo through my Solo. I've run just about any and all ammo through it and have had no problems. In fact, my $1800 Dan Wesson 1911 and my $900 Browning P35 have had more FTEs...
  9. Kimber Solo Forum
    Finally someone has made an excellent finger extension for the Solo. It replaces the original floor plate and comes in silver or matt black anodized metal. Initial contact can be made through: Sean Kirk MILDEF International LLC 800.556.9470 972.865.4970 Fax 214.578.7003 Cell...
  10. Kimber Solo Forum
    Anyone have a chance to handle the DC (LG) yet? I am torn between the DC (LG) and the CDP. Any thoughts? Thanks
  11. Kimber Solo Forum
    Kimber Solo problem / Customer Service Greetings all, Against my better judgement I purchased a Kimber Solo Carry STS. I had done some reading about them and their issues but decided to ignore everything bad I have read about them and purchase one anyway. I made up my mind after holding one as...
  12. Kimber Solo Forum
    Hello: After shooting a friend's Solo over a few months, I found I couldn't make it with out owning one and got my own. My friend's fired all bullet weights beautifully. Mine failed to cycle 115 gr. I know, it's not designed to function with this load. I thought maybe it will cycle 115s enough...
  13. Kimber Solo Forum
    Just informed by Kimber customer service the Solo DC will not be out until the middle of the year. It has moved from 3rd quarter of 2013 to the 1st quarter of 2014 to the middle of 2014?????????
  14. Kimber Solo Forum
    This is the first gen
1-14 of 14 Results