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  1. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    Hey everyone, I’m looking for ideas for upgrades for my Micro 9. Firstly looking at an Mcarbo trigger spring kit. Then, if it will fit (?) a skeletonized P938 trigger...
  2. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    What is minimum you have to do to be able to remove and then be able to reinstall the sear spring on a micro 9. For example can I just remove main spring housing or will I need to break it down further. I am familiar with 1911’s and I know the Micro 9 is similar but yet a little different. I own...
  3. Kimber Micro 9 Forum
    After searching the forums, reddits, and YouTube, I have been unsuccessful in finding a tutorial or video on the frame disassembly of a Kimber Micro 9. I have broken down the Sig 938, but I've read they're dissimilar in some key areas. Any resources are appreciated.
  4. Kimber Micro Carry Forum
    I'm considering the purchase of a Micro with a CT Lasergrip. I normally carry a Kimber CDP II and / or S&W 638 revolver. The Micro has a 7# SAO trigger. How disappointed will I be with the Micro's trigger compared to my 1911 (4# SAO trigger) ? How "snappy" is the recoil of the Micro? similar...
1-4 of 4 Results