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  1. Kimber Micro Carry Forum
    My wife has the khx ultra and it has the laser grip that came with it. I was wonder if anyone knows of a good IWB holster for a right handed appendix carry. I haven't had any luck finding one that will accommodate the laser on the side. Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Kimber 1911 Forum
    I watched a video by Bill Wilson/Wilson Combat stating that the ultra sized 1911s would run best with a slightly lighter load 200-185 gr weights. Reason being the magazine can load the rounds slightly faster as the lighter weight slide is also moving faster than a standard full size 1911...
  3. Kimber Micro Carry Forum
    I'm interested in comparing some pros and cons of these models. If you have either a Micro .380, Micro 9, or Ultra Carry model, I would appreciate your input! I've been carrying a compact 9 mm Glock for about three years now and am ready for a change of pace. I am looking to carry this next gun...
  4. Kimber 1911 Forum
    The Streamlight website only mentions the micro series. If not, is there a laser/light combo that works with the Ultra Carry II ?
  5. Kimber Talk
    Wanted to pass this on, I just found a great deal on 7 round Kimpro Tac Mags at Palmetto State Armory. $14.99 - I loaded up. Deal ends today. Kimber 7-round KimPro Tac-Mag, Full-length 1100720A
  6. Kimber 1911 Forum
    Those of you who have an Ultra, have you installed VZ grips on it? Did they fit? VZ lists standard and compact sizes, but I didn't know if the Ultra was a true compact size. I'm thinking an Eclipse Ultra II with VZ Aztec Black Desert grips would look good. Kimber America | Eclipse Ultra II...
  7. Kimber Talk
    Any of y'all that own Ultra's have one with the steel frame? Can you compare how it shoots versus a full size (5") 1911? I was looking at the Eclipse Ultra. It has a stainless steel frame, rather than aluminum. Was wondering if that would make it more stable. For y'all that have both a...
  8. Firearms Only
    I have a Kimber Ultra Ten Stainless ten shot polymer framed .45 that makes a pretty good CC pistol. Comes with two 10 round mags. No mention of this gun elsewhere on this forum that I could find. Make a reasonable offer or will trade for a PTR Industries PTR91. I'm in Albuquerque! Thanks!! Tom
1-8 of 8 Results