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Congrats and welcome to the site from Tennessee. You didn't really have to own a Kimber to join the forum.
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Hey Ya'll!!

Welcome to Kimber Talk from beautiful downtown Monroe,
Sky Cloud Storage tank Gas Composite material

Congrats on the new Pro Carry II. I have one of those and I love it.
Of course, I have stuck my fingers into mine. I have added Trijicon Night Sights, a Wilson Combat Flatwire Recoil Spring Kit, an Ed Brown Snakeskin Mainspring Housing and a set of Hogue G-10 Blue Lava grips.
Air gun Wood Trigger Everyday carry Gun barrel

Please post pictures of your Pro Carry and toss in a range report also.
We like that kind of stuff. Lookin' forward to seeing the pictures and reading the report.

Glad to have you with us. Shoot straight and be safe.

My brother lives in Phoenix. Have been there to visit. It is beautiful country. My brother calls it 100,000 square miles of kitty litter!! ;););) Also, the only place on earth where you can lay down in a parking lot and make "asphalt angels" in the summer!!

Road surface Wood Thigh Human leg Asphalt
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