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22LR Target Pistol

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I'm trying to get the absolute best here. Something that will group 1.5"-2" consistantly. I shoot at 25 yards. Interested in hearing if any of you know of or have one that can do it. I have 2, neither of them can group to my satisfaction using even the best ammo. Thanks in advance.
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I guess I am with dude and Steve. I had a beautiful 41 target made in 68 which was a cherished year for the model. It was scary accurate with the right ammo. I sold to a bullseye shooter who could put to better use. But plan on 8-1200.
The one at PSA is a good price if still in stock. I have a Kimber 22 upper but not the complete gun. I wanted the heft of the steel gun so I put the 22 upper on my Team Match. I like it. Those like me that shoot with a high thumbs and thumbs forward grip have to be very aware that nearly contact against the slide can cause a stoppage by slowing the slide speed. I have not had an issue with federal bulk pack though some report they have. Higher velocity help with break in though I just work the slide empty a few hundred times before using.
Mike I know the Smith 41 has been recommended, I get that and thanks to you and all for chiming in. In your opinion is your Kimber set up as accurate as it needs to be or is it just a plinker? I'm sure the steel helps vs all aluminum..
I have no problem spending the extra $ to get what I need, I just like Kimber and would love to hear it could suit my desire for accuracy.
The kimber will not outshoot a 41 in my experience. Checkout rim fire central and or the bullseye forums for the serious 22 guy reports.

I have not experimented enough to find the Kimbers favorite ammo for accuracy. I am not a bullseye shooter.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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