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My gunsmith built me a 25-300 WSM from a Kimber 300 wsm Rifle. I already had 1 and traded for another so was a perfect project gun, something Winchester should have made first. Anyway, we put a 26"Shilen barrel with 1 in 9 twist, MPI stock, Timney trigger and Swarovski scope. I can get around 3900 feet per second out of 100 grain Nosler Partitions with 1/2 inch groups. Shooting the new 117 grain Hornady SST came out at 3550 fps with handloads of course. Shot a nice West Texas buck at just over 300 yards and he ran maybe 5 feet. this is now my favorite go to rifle. Can't shoot it very long because it gets so hot, but for hunting anything from Coyote to Pronghorn to Whitetail to is hard to beat. I wish someone had come out with the 257wsm rather than the super shorts, but now we just build our own! Has anyone else tried? I had a friend do a 6.5-300 but he used a Remington action. I have 6 Kimber Rifles and 6 Kimber pistols so you can tell I love my Kimbers!
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