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Went to the range today and the Solo is just as awesome as the day I bought her. BUT WARNING (no not the Solo) 8 round mags. I have also been using them since January and they are just plain inconsistent. Had occasional nosediving in past, so have been using 7 rounds. I had 6 mags. today and 4 gave me nosedive on the first round even with seven rounds and not 8. The 6, 6 round mags i used were flawless. I used 124 gr fmj and 135 gr Federal Hollow points.

My tip of the day...if you have an 8 round mag. use it for the range do not, use in for CC. Please!!!! I have every bit of confidence in the SOLO Any issue i have had with any mechanical failure has been the 8 round mag.

Single stack magazines have a flaw. I have read that the shapes of the bullet can make a difference on how the mag performs. Heavier grains from what I gather work better and more rounded. I was using 124gr. fmg in the 8 round mags. Both hollow points and fmj worked well in the 6 round mags. Not just a Kimber problem. It is a common problem with single stack mags. Attached is a diagram I have used before. Again, in my opinion use the 6 round mags when your life depends on it.

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