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Newbie question here: I saw some Winchester NATO 9mm ammo at Gander Mtn the other day. The boxes said "for law enforcement use only not for resale" yet they were out on the shelf with the regular ammo. I just read that they are higher pressure than regular 9mm ammo but is this the same as +P? If not, why would one opt to shoot this verus a +P round and can my Kimber Aegis Ultra handle this ammo? I'm assuming it can handle regular +P although I haven't tried any yet. Can anyone confirm this?:confused:
I used the NATO to break in the Solo we had so it will be good in your Aegis..
It functioned flawlessly in our little jewel, so go ahead and try it..
Let us know how it turned out..
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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