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This morning Amazon announced the price for its Prime service is going up $20 per year to $99. I don't think the price increase is a lot of money, considering what you get with the service.

If you're not already an Amazon Prime member you can still register for Prime membership at $79 a year until April 17.

If you're already a member there is a smart method to save you $20 when it comes time for your next renewal.
The workaround involves disabling Amazon Prime auto-renew for your account, and purchasing a gift membership at the current price for Amazon Prime. But instead of having the gift card delivered the day you order it, schedule delivery for the day after your Amazon Prime subscription expires.

I have been a Prime member since it was created, between the free 2 day delivery, the movies available for streaming and the free Kindle book a month for reading I think it's a great deal.

Last month I was talking with my son on the phone, I mentioned that I was sore and could use a couple of aspirin but I was out and didn't feel like going out in the crappy weather to the store. He said order a bottle on Amazon, your a prime member. I never thought of doing that so I tried it, 1 bottle of Bayer aspirin total order, no tax, free delivery. I placed the order Monday around noon and had it in my mailbox Wednesday morning. Yeah, I love Prime.
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