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Well, I got my AmeriGlo Tritium Night Sights last week. I was very excited and loved the way they glowed in a pitch dark room.

After getting them home, I noticed some of the white circle around the tritium tube on the front sight had come off. Meh, no big deal.

So, today is my first chance to go to the range and shoot with the new sights. The dim lighting in the shooter bay is not dark enough to make the tritium noticeable while looking down a brightly lit lane. Oh, well, no biggie.

Then I get home, inspect the gun prior to putting back in the safe (planned to clean it tomorrow) and I notice the right tritium tube in the rear sight is gone :eek:

WTF! Are these things so cheap they can't stand up to 200 rounds fired at the range? I promise you that gun has not been knocked, or dropped, or bumped, or anything. I am very careful how I treat my guns, even my indestructible Glocks.

So, I'll head back to the LGS tomorrow with my receipt. At this point I don't know if I want replacement sights or money back and put the old sights back on. May decided to try the neon model paint on the front sight. Not the same as night sights, but hey, this gun has Crimson Trace laser grips for darkness.


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LOL, I want to buy some meprolight sights from Kimber, but I want them attached to a SS Pro Raptor. :D
That's the way I buy all my meprolight sights, I didn't know you could get them without the gun attached.
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