Spring cleaning the safe. All holsters RH, belt slots 1 1/2”, all in excellent shape.
1. El Paso Saddlery Crosshairs for Colt King Cobra-$50
NO LONGER AVAILABLE-2. Andrews Custom Leather Monarch Shoulder Rig for Sig Sauer P220R (should fit P226 and 227 also)-$225 (note-Andrews holsters are currently all but unavailable. The wait is well into next year)
NO LONGER AVAILABLE3. Kirkpatrick Pancake for Ruger SP 101 (2.25 barrel)-$65
4. Ritchie Leather Scabbard for Ruger LCP (fits all LCP models)-$50
5. Rusty Sherrick LAPD S.I.S. issue for Browning Hi-Power (this one is horsehide)-$65
NO LONGER AVAILABLE 6. Rusty Sherrick Scabbard for Glock 23 (same as LAPD model just without thumb break). This will fit Glock 20, Glock 21, and Glock 22 models as well with a short (maybe 1/4”) protrusion of the muzzle-$65
Shipping from McCaysville, GA
Payment USPS Money Order preferred. Personal check ok (pending bank clearance)
USPS shipping $6 per holster or….
Buy two or more…free shipping USPS
Price drop-10% off holster of your choice