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It seems now that those rough Crocodile Dundees Australian men we admired so much are now being rounded up for being "suspected of being in contact with someone who had covid." They are using the ADF, Australian Defense Force (The Australian Army) to go into people's home and forcibly remove them to the Michelham Relocation Center which is "Melbourne's Centre for National Resilience". Mind you, these people are not only infected with covid but are also suspected of being in contact with someone who has covid. The first relocation center will start with 100 beds and is expected to grow to 3000 beds for the first facility.

The Northern Territory has two facilities, one is at Howard Springs and another at Alice Springs. These are in aboriginal territory so they are taking tribesmen and putting them together with other tribes people. The Northern Territory has an average one one person every 2 square miles. Any bets on how long it will take to destroy the Aboriginal tribes?

Apparently, Australia didn't read about Como's nursing home pandemic that killed hundreds by putting them all together. So, it appears to me that Australia on on a road to genocide of it's people. The more people they put in these "Relocation Centers" the more they can kill. The disarming of any population has always resulted in genocide.

Arbeit Macht Frei or Der Tod macht dich frei ?
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