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Bourbon time!

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Jefferson Reserve, and celebrating a new acquisition.
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1: I have to look for a bottle of Jefferson Reserve next time I go to the liquor store, you've got my curiosity aroused.

2: Is the new acquisition a .44 mag by any chance?
I really agonized over the Desert Eagle. It's so cool. Expensive though, even though I know I can get it for a good price. What convinced me not to get it right now is first, I played with one in the store, and it is hard to pull the slide back for a weakling like me. Damnation, those are some powerful springs. But what also convinced me to wait are the number for sale- there are plenty of them and they aren't going anywhere soon. I can put the money to better use right now. So I have no doubt a certain 44mag will find it's way into my collection before the year is out, it isn't happening right now.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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