Stainless California Compliant Springfield Loaded 1911. Has ~25rd through it. Has had no failures of any kind. Offering to forum members before I sell it elsewhere. Gun was recently purchased new and reviewed. Has not been fired beyond the review.

Gun was returned to Springfield to have the rear sight replaced at the factory. Selling this off before California microstamping laws go into effect July 1. According to the law, three guns have to be removed from the CA DOJ approved roster for each gun added. These will not be available in the near future. I will simply replace it with a standard model as I do not live in CA.

Asking exactly what I paid for it. 10 yard target as shot during the review is included below. Buyer pays actual shipping.
Everyday carry Wood Gun accessory Gun barrel Metal

Wood Calipers Finger Everyday carry Hunting knife

Hand Wood Finger Gesture Everyday carry

Light Air gun Wood Amber Everyday carry

Human body Line Circle Font Symmetry