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Time for this "Deplorable, Semi Fascists, Threat To Democracy to call it a night".

You all stay safe and have a great night.

God Bless,
Chuck, Out!

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Sky Cloud Mountain Snow Road surface
Sky Cloud Motor vehicle Car Automotive mirror
Sky Car Snow Vehicle Automotive navigation system
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Sky

I arrived here in Salt Lake City last night. Ran snow over Soldier Pass all the way through the city. The 1st pictures are from the Rockies. I ran Soldier Pass at night so no pictures from that. The last picture is me sitting here waiting to unload.
Sky Snow Cloud Plant Natural landscape
Snow Plant Natural landscape Branch Twig
Snow Sky Cloud Plant Natural landscape

This is a stop along I70 where I walked Daisy. It was pretty quiet with a pet area.

Also, Chuck, if you happen to read this I tried to send you another direct message.
11421 - 11440 of 11760 Posts