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I like to take them apart too.
But there isn't alot of videos because it's a new model gun, and most are still under warranty.
Since there was a recall, most people aren't so quick to toss away their warranty to make a video.

It looks like a pretty straightforward design, so if you are experienced with detail striping striker fired polymer guns it shouldn't be that difficult.
If you aren't.....then maybe wait until the warranty runs out.
That is good advice. I have been shooting 1911 guns for 50 years and was very familiar with detailed stripping and cleaning but after 20+ years I bought a Series 70 National Match and was doing a complete disassemble and clean on it. Well, there is a wee little spring not in a stand issue 1911, and yes to took off into the dark spaces of the large room in which I was working. 3 days later I found it and it took another day to figure out how to put the darn little thing back in place. I believe it was an extra sear spring.

If your Mako is under warranty then let the factory to it, if not then do the disassemble in a clean room…😂
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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