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In the latest version of the Scorpion, CZ changed the mag catch to be more like a typical AR. That made the older Scorpion magazines unable to work with the newest model. The new model mags do work with the older Scorpions, which I'm sure wasn't an accident. The margin on magazines is huge and they want people to buy the newer ones.

Comparing the new and old, they are identical except for one minor change. The new model catch requires a square depression in the left side of the magazine to hold it in the firearm. The old mags don't have this. Again, I'm certain that was on purpose.

I chose not to accept this marketing boondoggle and milled out that depression for the catch on an older CZ Scorpion magazine. Older Scorpion mags sell for $18. The new model more like $30-40. And they are like hens teeth right now.

The modification works like a champ. See pic of the prototype. The millwork on the rest of my previous generation Scorpion mags will be a little neater and more precise. The second pic shows that mag inserted into the latest generation Scorpion with the new AR-style mag catch. The magazine locks in tight as it should. Problem solved and money saved.

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