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Eclipse Custom II 10mm

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Just got back to the office from the range. Finally shot my new Eclipse Custom II 10mm for the first time.

Shot 100 rounds with no problems. Wow was it fun! Its as smooth as can be. That 10mm has some giddy up to it. I love the round.

The gun performed as good as it looks. Its a real joy to shoot. I cant wait to shoot it again

Like I said after shooting my Warrior SOC for the first time..... I'm hooked on this Kimber 1911 thing!!


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Beautiful gun!! Sounds like you had fun!
Sounds like you had a great lunch today!
How long did it take to get yours? Did you order it or was it in the shop?
I ordered one better than a year and a half ago. Still no word.
Welcome to the forum from Ohio! Seems like an extreme wait. Have you looked elsewhere?
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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