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Excellent deal on electronic muffs

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This is an excellent deal on some Howard Leight Electronic Impact Sport Muffs.

These are low profile and have excellent reviews. I just bought some.

This deal is $37.49 and free shipping. If you are looking for some electronic hearing protection, and who isn't, this is a great deal.

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I have a pair of these, and they work great! they have a NRR22 rating! You can adjust the volume to what you like, plug your phone into them and listen to music while you are shooting. ( I do this when I'm cutting grass) Leave them turned on and they turn themself off.
The only thing better that I have found is made by Peltor Gold tone series at $340.00 per pair they have a NRR30 rating. I have used a pair of these one time not that much difference.......
I have mine for a couple of years. If my memory is correct I paid about $70.00 plus Tax and license!
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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