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Extended Mag Questions

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The only issue I have had with my SOLO are the extended mags. Does anyone know what the function or purpose of the dimple at the top front of the mag is for?

I can load 6 rounds no issues but 7&8 are a bear. The dimple seems to force the round flat or down. As a result I really have to massage and force the last rounds to seat properly in the magazine. I have had no issues firing or feeding but I believe it is in the work I am putting in to get the rounds seated and angled properly. If not seated properly they will not engage and get hung up. I understand a lot of the issues people are having especially if they do not work to get the rounds in right. That dimple seems to be more a negative than any positive use. Any ideas or what it is intended purpose is?
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I am not sure of the assigned technical reason, but offer this possibility based on my study.

First, until your post, I had never noticed the dimple in the extended 8round mag. I had noticed that it is more difficult to load the last couple of rounds in the extended mag than it is in the standard 6round mag. My opinion is that the dimple is there to assist in keeping the nose of the next to last round contained and pointing down toward the base of the mag to help prevent it from pushing up on the last round and dislodging it to he point that it wants to eject. The mag spring is very robust and wants to push the last round out. Rarely are added manufacturing steps incorporated by large manufacturers that add cost for no reason.

If others have a better opinion or know for certain the reason for the dimple, I would be interested in hearing from them.
True, I also use the UpLULA when loading mag after mag at the range. But, the question was what is the dimple for.
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