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Failure to feed

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If you have issues with the new guys first post asking for help, then be warned that is what I am doing.

I have a Series 70 (K014XXX) Custom Royal that was my daily carry until yesterday. While shooting a qualification course this weekend I started having more and more failure to feeds. The round is not coming up the feed ramp and the is not going under the extractor. Some times a mag tap fixes it, other times I have to rack and tap, and other times I have to drop the mag entirely. By the end of the course I was the god of malfunction clearance.

I took the gun home the first night and totally stripped it. Feed ramp looks great, the extractor was radiused and held a round properly, and the gun had absolutely no indication of any problem. It is un modified and had been totally dependable until now.


Blazer Brass 230 gr ball
Chip McCormic Power Mags
80% failure on initial load from mags
No stovepipes or double feeds
Random fails during live fire
Colt, Kimber, and Pachmayer mags produced the same issue
All original parts and springs
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I don't mean to hijack the thread but, does Wilson make a flat wire sprint for the 3" 9mm Kimbers?
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