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Hey All,
I had to replace mine after about 3 months and +/- 700 rounds. One mag it was there, next it wasn't. Shot a couple with "peep" sight but not so good!
Got out the extras that came with it and followed the instructions....lighter to one end to make swollen bead, leave a little long (cut with X acto) install and lighter to other end. Had to hit it a second time as it still slid back and forth a little after first try. Nice and tight now; just back from the range and about 80 rounds. Really like the red/orange color! It had come with was a Cabela's "exclusive" with the FO sights, two extended mags, and Hogue rubber grips. As You said not listed by Kimber "Micro 9 STG" (soft touch grip). Found I did not really care for the surface feel of the Hogue grips...kind of sticky after a few minutes on a warm day. Replaced the grips and still came out ahead!
Anyway changing the rods doesn't seem like a big deal to me as I like the sights. Has anyone else worried about what the heat might do to the black paint (yeah I know they call it something fancy, but lets face it) on the top of the slide....not all have it but mine and a lot of others do? I cut a little slit in a rag, put it over the sight, around the top of the slide and wet it down before I hit it the second time.
What ever happened to fiber optic being glass? Anybody seen a sight that used them? Seems like they might be even brighter. Sorry about the length I always get carried away.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts