This is the complete 11 book series of the Survivalist Series (as of today). The way the last book ended; Chris left the door open for another book. All books except two were bought new. I have a separate photo of 1 of the 2 used books and it's in good shape but has a stamp on the end of the pages. I can't remember or tell which of the others was used when I bought it. They are all in very good shape and were read very carefully by me and a friend! It is a very captivating series of books which had me on the hook after I read the first book, Going Home!

I have posted this previously on another forum and have left all price reductions from that here with the lowest price as the final reduced price!

Reduced from $135.00 to $125.00 $115.00 $105.00 SHIPPED via USPS Media Mail to the lower 48 states.

USPS Money order only accepted form of payment.


First unconditional "I'll take it" stated with a follow up PM gets them. Ask any questions you have BEFORE offering to buy. I will not separate out any books. No returns.

I posted photos of the actual books below to show condition as well as a listing of the books and what year they introduced.

Thank you for looking,


Survivalist Series List:
  1. Going Home (2012)
  2. Surviving Home (2013)
  3. Escaping Home (2013)
  4. Forsaking Home (2014)
  5. Resurrecting Home (2014)
  6. Enforcing Home (2015)
  7. Avenging Home (2016)
  8. Home Invasion (2017)
  9. Conflicted Home (2017)
  10. Home Coming (2018)
  11. Engineering Home (2022)

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