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Maybe I'm just paranoid, but based on the experiences many of you have had with your Kimber Solos, I am quite nervous about using my STS for personal defense. I have only shot five 6-round mags (30 rounds of 147gr Hornady XTP's) through mine, but have not had any problems so far. Because of the experiences many of you have encountered though, I went out and bought a S&W 9mm Shield. It's not nearly as good looking or nearly as "pocket-sized" as my STS, but it goes "bang" every time and has gone through about 150 rounds of various ammo (including steel-cased) without a hiccup. I don't know now whether I should sell or keep my STS. I don't need another paperweight around here. What do you guys think?

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My solo is my EDC. No malfunction. 35 practice rounds EVERY week. Shooting more ain't fun.
I have other pistols as range toys. My Solo is a tool. People don't play with hammers for their own amusement.
But if you don't have confidence, sell it or don't carry it. I had an XDS-45 that was a jam-o-magic despite two trips to Springfield. Couldn't bring myself to carry it. No trust.
Swapped it out.
Think you know your answer - Bye-bye, Solo!
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