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Fun Friday at the range with the Mrs.

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Shot my Kimber at the range again Friday evening. 100 rounds of Remington green box. I had 2 FTF where the slide locked open when the mag wasn't empty. Not worried as my round count is only 200 total thus far. We also put 100 rounds through my wife's new P938 sports 13 that we just picked up at the FFL earlier that day. I put 50 through the XDs and the wife put another 100 through her XDm 9. We were there to practice for our CCW qualifying we had today. We had some fun though. She had taken a break from shooting and was out in the shop. She came back in with a battleship target planning to kick my ass with her XDm. I used my Kimber and turned the tables on her! :D They had a ladies only intro to firearms class last night that was going on there as well. There were 5 ladies and most had never shot a gun period or handgun. They started out with a .22 and shot a few other revolvers and semi-autos. At the end of the night they get a chance to fire 1 shot from a 500 S&W magnum. My wife had never shot a revolver nor anything of that caliber. She wasn't part of the class but we frequent the range often and they offered us 1 shot for $5 and she wanted to do it. We both took our 1 shot and now she can cross that off her list! :D
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Wow sounds like you had a great time. how did she like shooting that 500 Mag.
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