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Awesome review, below is a cut n paste of a post of mine from another forum (hey I'm lazy). I had better luck with 115gr stuff in mine. I too have been shooting out in the woods in winter and have had to cut it short due to weather. Here in WA most of the best outdoor shooting spots are up in the mountains.

"So I picked up a Kimber Solo STS this weekend to replace a Kel-Tec PF9 as my micro 9mm carry gun. Talk about a serious step up in quality!

Went shooting this morning down at the Bullseye with a bud to test it out. 50 Blazer Blass 124gr, about 25 PMC 115gr, and a handful (8) of Golden Saber 124gr +P.

The most common complaints I've seen about the Solo are the slick grip, stiff mag release, and utter inability of feeding the first round unless you lock the slide back, insert a mag, and release. Mine had all of these issues, I really tried to get it to feed by working the slide but it just won't pick up a round. I don't know if Hogue makes a wraparound rubber grip for the Solo but they sure would sell.

With those 83 or so rounds I had one FTF with a Blazer 124gr, but I was shooting one-handed and purposely limp-wristing as a test. As expected it failed the limp wrist test, everything else fed great, including the 115gr that Kimber stays to stay away from (they only recommend 124gr or greater defensive ammo).

Accuracy was pretty amazing for such a small gun. I could 10 ring about 50% of the time with the target run all the way out at Bullseye which looks like 20-25yards. I should mention I'm an experienced pistol shooter and shot a handful of competitions with the M9 while in the USMC. Never on the podium but a consistent 20-50 place out of 300 or so shooters. I was also a range coach for rifle and pistol. I would not expect a brand new pistol shooter to 10 ring at 25yds with this pocket blaster...the point is I can't outshoot the gun (unlike my PF9).

I know a lot of guys go for the SIG 938 due to the true SA 1911-style trigger. I found the Solo "striker SA" trigger to be a bit too narrow but very precise and consistent. For those that carry cocked n' locked the safety, while tiny, was very positive.

Double taps to the chest and "Mozambique Drills" were absolutely no problem at close range.

In short I'm very happy with the Solo and eagerly await the arrival of my spare mags and convertible pocket/IWB holster."
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