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Hi All,

A long standing member of another 1911 forum put this together and asked that it be shared, courtesy of US1911 (Thank-You)

Clicking on someone's photo, in order to magnify it, is a common practice, but when I notice that their contents aren't protected, I typically send them a pm, along with instructions on how to fix it. This has become a frequent occurrence, so I thought it would be a good idea to share this with our members.

Many folks are (unknowingly) allowing full disclosure of their photobucket library to anyone who clicks on one of their posted photos. i.e. Driver's License, ID Cards, Receipts with Home Addresses, Bank Statements, your entire Firearms Arsenal, personal Family pictures, etc...You'd be surprised at some of the documents/photos some folks upload to their host photo server.

The reason for this is that photobucket defaults your photo album creations as public, vice private. Anyone that clicks on your photos, is linked to your photobucket library, and if it's set to public, then they can browse your entire contents. If that concerns you, and it should if you don't want the unsolicited attention or disclosure of personal photos, then set your albums and sub-albums to private. That way, when someone clicks on one of your photos, it'll still take them to your photobucket page, but they'll only be able to view the photo that they clicked on, vice your entire library.

Note: If your logged into photobucket at the time someone clicks on your photo, then they'll still be able to view everything, regardless of private or public setting, until you've logged back out of photobucket - so, logout when you're finished uploading or linking your photos. Don't stay logged in all day/night, that defeats the privacy feature.

To make your entire library & album(s)/sub-albums private, just login to photobucket;

-Click on your "User ID" (upper right)
-Select "User Settings"
-Click "Privacy" tab
-Deselect "Show where my photos where taken" (if you don't want that information disclosed)
-Select "When I upload, permanently remove information about where my photo was taken" (if you don't want that information to appear)
-Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom of the screen
-Click "MAKE ALL PRIVATE" (this should set your entire library and albums to private)

To verify;

-Click on "Library" (upper left)
-Click on the "More" tab (top/center of screen)
-Click "Edit Settings"
-Verify that the privacy setting shows "private" - do this for each album and sub-album

Pass this along to your other family members and members of other forums that you support. Folks will often wonder how their firearms can become a target, when in fact they haven't advertised where they're located; but, perhaps you did and just didn't know it.


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Never put anything online you don't want the world to see. Tips and tricks, not withstanding, it's just foolish to put anything on the interwebs that you would not allow a stranger to see.
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