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New member here to the forum, but a long time Kimber owner & a HUGE fan of Kimber quality products. My first Kimber was ( and still is ) a 3" Ultra Elite from the Custom Shop in .45. The S/N on my prized .45 is in the three digit numbers. Purchased in late 1999-early 2000. the predecessor to the CDP. My EDC in a Milt Sparks Executive IWB holster. I didn't think it could be equaled for concealed carry until I was able to get a "hands on feel" for the Solo CDP. One look & handling session was more than I could deal with, so I took the plunge & brought it home from the LGS. The first thing I did was to order an Executive IWB holster from Milt Sparks for my Solo CDP. Once again, something that was drilled into me long, long ago, came into play. " Quality does not cost, pays"

I have followed some threads regarding magazines & agree with everyone that Wilson Combat mags function best. That's the only magazine I will use in my UE.

I apologize for rambling on about in my first post, but am looking forward to learning & communicating with like minded folks.

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