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Hello to all. I inherited my fathers custom elite ultra compact 45 and love it.

I would love any links to anything and everything you have on this pistol. I have a broken foot and will be laid up for months and wish to learn all I can about it. I want to be able to have all the parts dumped in a pile in front of me and I want to know how to put it back together perfectly and quickly.

This is going to me my primary Home defense pistol. I think it is a little to big for concealed carry. I may try it with a crossbred holster. any ideas?

I cannot see the sights very well as they are some sort of tritum lights sights I cannot see well. I need something adjustable and very visible. White dots on black or something similar. I also want the crimson trace grips but cannot afford it now.

I can shoot it well at the range but it is tough on my eyes. Please recommend any sights that would be good for a red green color blind guy who is cross eye dominant and wants good standard sights. If I could see them at night that would be great to. WHO AND WHERE CAN i get them installed .

If I send a photo or serial number can anyone direct me to the best possible directions for disassemble and re assemble properly.

What do you all think about the gun cleaner lube listed in the link below.
Only thing I do not like is the smell and that it sticks to me :(
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