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Holster Type?

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Which do you prefer, a holster with or without a thumbsnap or strap and why?

I used to prefer a holster with a thumbsnap. I hate holsters with straps!
:( However, after reading an article by Sheriff Jim Wilson about a year or so ago, I came to agree with his theory that the thumbsnap was just one more thing that you had to remember, if you needed your pistol for self defense. I now use either the Check Six or Askins Compact Concealed Carry by Blackhawk for my M&P's or a Bianchi Model 57 Remedy for my Kimber. None of them have a snap and they all employ adjustable friction retention systems.

Carrying concealed, the likelihood of having to fight for retention of a pistol is very slim. I'd rather have the quicker draw for when I needed it. Just my personal choice. ;);) How about ya'll?
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I use both. The thumb snap, if designed correctly, isn't really an issue from a practiced draw. The biggest area of concern, for me, is the retention of the tension retention systems. On my check six, for the Ultra Carry, the retention screw is below the finger guard. Pretty much ineffective accept for total retention of no retention. The maker claims the belt is supposed to be part of the retention too. I call that a less than desirable design to allow someone/something else determine how well my product does its job. On one of my hybrids, the kydex is attached to the leather by way of screws and rubber O rings. They become the retention adjustment and are very serviceable. However, I would not use either of them or my DeSantis while riding. If on my bike, I want an extra measure of security and will always opt for the thumb snap.
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