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Holster Type?

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Which do you prefer, a holster with or without a thumbsnap or strap and why?

I used to prefer a holster with a thumbsnap. I hate holsters with straps!
:( However, after reading an article by Sheriff Jim Wilson about a year or so ago, I came to agree with his theory that the thumbsnap was just one more thing that you had to remember, if you needed your pistol for self defense. I now use either the Check Six or Askins Compact Concealed Carry by Blackhawk for my M&P's or a Bianchi Model 57 Remedy for my Kimber. None of them have a snap and they all employ adjustable friction retention systems.

Carrying concealed, the likelihood of having to fight for retention of a pistol is very slim. I'd rather have the quicker draw for when I needed it. Just my personal choice. ;);) How about ya'll?
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I have two Blackhawk Serpas and one Alien Gear IWB.

The Serpas take practice but once you get used to it you find yourself placing your index finger straight along the holster/frame for a smooth draw. The Alien Gear has one side that is kydex and is formed for friction retention.

I don't like straps that get in the way.
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