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Holster Type?

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Which do you prefer, a holster with or without a thumbsnap or strap and why?

I used to prefer a holster with a thumbsnap. I hate holsters with straps!
:( However, after reading an article by Sheriff Jim Wilson about a year or so ago, I came to agree with his theory that the thumbsnap was just one more thing that you had to remember, if you needed your pistol for self defense. I now use either the Check Six or Askins Compact Concealed Carry by Blackhawk for my M&P's or a Bianchi Model 57 Remedy for my Kimber. None of them have a snap and they all employ adjustable friction retention systems.

Carrying concealed, the likelihood of having to fight for retention of a pistol is very slim. I'd rather have the quicker draw for when I needed it. Just my personal choice. ;);) How about ya'll?
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I prefer an open top holster, but do have several with a thumb break.
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