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Another attempt to start some chatter:)

Had others but at present:
Gold Combat SS
Custom Stainless II
Custom Stainless II 9mm
Tactical Custom HD
Super Carry Pro HD
Team Match 45
Team Match 9mm
Trophy Match
Loaded .40 SW
Series 70 Govt modded
M1991 Govt modded
TA E series SS
Dan Wesson:
Specialist SS

I think that's it. Some are high mileage. A few very little.

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I own 4 but have only 3, I can't keep the kid out of my safe.

Ultra CDP II 9mm
Custom II
Super carry Pro
Kimber .22 conversion kit

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Oh yea I have a Kimber 22 kit.

I need a 12 step program. For ARs too!
Something about an AR that doesn't sit well with me. I've shot a couple of them and they are damn accurate guns but I just can't get myself to buy one. Now if you want to talk addictions, Hi, my name is Chuck and I'm a Remington 700 aholic.
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I guess I have six at the moment.

Ruger SR1911
Ruger SR1911CMD
Remington R1
Kimber Custom Stainless Target II
Les Baer Premier II
GSG 1911-22 Ad Ops

I've had more, had less, and was even completely out of the 1911 business for a few years.

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1911....? One, a Rock Island Armory GI spec .45acp. Had a Remington R1 and a Colt 1911A1, both of which I didn't care for. Sold off or were traded.

45's....two West German SIG P220, a West German SIG P245, a third gen Glock 36 and a Colt New Agent.

Yeah, I like the .45acp....;)

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One 38 super Kimber
One Colt 38 super
1 Ruger,
1 BL22 Browning
Thre Rossi 38/257's
4 Henrys 38/357
2 Henry golden boys
1 Henry blue 22
and then there are my S&W's, 2 60-14's & 1 686
All are 357's but I shoot 38 supers in them.
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